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    Quote Originally Posted by scarecrowz View Post
    You have 4 Elf races to choose from already champ.

    You don't need a fucking Blood Elf with blue eyes.

    Get a fucking grip.
    No I don't need one. But I want one...?
    Quote Originally Posted by Akhlys View Post
    Once upon a time, boats were full of leaks. Now, our leaks are full of boats.

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    At this point I'd wish that Blizz just said straight out that High Elves are not happening in any way, just to shut it all up.

    Wished the same thing for Classic but then BlizzCon happened so I guess one day they might do something, in which case I'd prefer a simple addition of eye color for Blood Elves since the differences they can make to High Elves is not that major so just let people have blue eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugnomo View Post
    No. My opinion as a pro-high elf, the ones that are currently named blood elves.
    I'll reiterate what I've said in the past, the best possible scenario for high elves (Silver Covenant and Vereesa) is for them to be casualties of war and propel drama and narrative for the remaining characters and factions.
    Hell they don't even need to go that far, just have some event that causes the remaining highelf population to transform into voidelves in game. Make a lore event out of it and say that 99.9% of remaining highelves went that rout. That or like someone else said just give them one pale skined variant for people to pick.

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    mixed races are kinda lame i think. The only one id be sorta interested in would be the Mok'nathal cause Rexxar is cool, but they would in no way make up or replace ogres as a race. Id honestly just resent the stupid yellow orcs if they was slot blocking the ogres as an allied race. Same feelings about the elfs.

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    compromise.... to what?? that useless high elve shit, that just exists cause of internet sheep stupidity?

    what is this with you ppl and with that elve nonsense? we have blood elves, night elves, void elves and nightborne. why the hell you ppl think we need a fifth (!) elven race ??

    dont get that...

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    i wish they'd just add blue eyes to belf options so alliance people stop talking about them

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    I doubt very many people playing now every played Warcraft 2 or 3. People HERE might have, but the overall base? Likely not.

    Three elven races is enough. Deal.
    Thanks for your input mr game director of BLizzard

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    They would've been, instead of the void elves. Having them come together with the Mok'nathal for the Horde was the perfect opportunity for halflings of iconic Horde and Alliance races to be introduced.

    Humans, dwarves and high elves are iconic Alliance races. Orcs, trolls and ogres are iconic Horde races. Nothing can change this and Blizzard's inability to step away from these concepts has been proven for the past 15 years, in return proving that they are indeed iconic for these respective factions. It is a shame they handled these as poorly as they did.
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    The Horde has Blood Elves, and the Alliance has Blood, er Void Elves. The Alliance has Night Elves, the Horde has Nightborne. Two types each, and that is enough.

    I would probably feel differently if the leveling process wasn't so horrible, and right now I can't see myself leveling another toon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torish View Post
    Halfelfs, Mountainelfs, Valleyelfs, Seaelfs, Sandelfs, Forestelfs, Caveelfs, Gnelves, Gelves..
    By Garithos' beard, the inhuman levels of this post are simply unacceptable.

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    Please keep all things related to high elves here, please.
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