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    Having troubles on casual BGs as Warrior, need advice!

    Hey guys, I leveled my warrior to 120 and I am running around 140 ilvls, it happen the meta is very much:
    - Boomkins
    - Dhs
    - Disc
    - Mages
    - Hunters
    I am just loving the gameplay as arms or fury, but if a class/spec is not viable for casual bgs it just ruins my wow experience for me.
    I am having hard time getting a good score at battlegrounds, is that because I am still learning (and yea I am besides the fact that I am an old PVPer) or because warriors suffer for the lack of pocket heals?

    I am at 140k HP and I just get exploded even when using defense stance. So frustrating.

    But.. I am a rogue.

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    Legion Arms Warrior sucks hard in 1vs1. Warriors are dependant on healers more than ever before or on bad play from classes, who're great at kiting and meanwhile able doing loads of damage to the warrior. Of course everyone can always become better, but as a warrior, you can only do so much without a proper healer at your back. With a healer though, you can become scary again. This design sucks in my opinion, at least in this extreme version.

    Can't say anything about Fury. I refuse to play that specc.

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    In casual BGs arms is pure cancer without someone to heal you or dispel slows, so solo-queues as arms is rarely fun. As Fury I have loads of fun, since the pvp talents Enduring Rage (enrage lasts longer, raging blow extends it), Death Wish (5% dmg done/taken, stacks up to 10, lots of fun if you go unnoticed) and Thirst for Blood (best one, Bloodthirst clears all slows and increases speed by 15%) combined with Fury having self-sustain and enraged regeneration make them volumes more fun in casual BGs. 1v1s actually becomes possible.

    Arms is unfortunately still dependent on having a buddy to heal you/lock people down so you can actually reach them.

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    +1 on fury

    Can do awesome dmg and have heals that are buffed with talents. I like to run spell reflect in BGs and WQ. I would rather go toe-to-toe with a melee and no disarm than face a caster without spell reflect. Remember to spam bloodthirst as this will remove snares and keep your mobility up.

    I have quite a bit of luck in bgs. Usually in the top 5 dmg without a pocket healer and that is even running 10 stacks of death wish.... sometimes My arms game is not good without a healer. It is slow and clunky imo. The swap to fury has been great. Practice your rotation and be strategic with your talent choices. If you are unsure about builds look at the leader boards.

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    play prot its fun

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    Arms is hands down the worst 1v1 spec in the game. You just have to live with that or reroll, it's that harsh. They get countered by every class in the entire game. We have 1 defensive abilitiy - 30 % reduced damage and parry in the same cooldown (pretty fucking dumb, tbh). Everytime I play arms solo I feel like actually quitting the game and unsubscribing.

    Roll fury instead. It's somewhat better, but still pretty trash 1v1. Works for random bgs though.

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