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Thread: Mining Cards

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    Mining Cards

    I have some GTX 1060, 1070, and 1070ti cards that have more than paid for themselves with mining, but I don't run them during the summer due to heat. I was planning to fire them back up this winter, but it looks like the market is cratering. It could possibly recover, but I'm just not sure if I should hold onto these cards or try to sell them.

    I haven't ever sold any hardware online before, so I'm not sure it's worth the bother. What do you think? Keep them in case crypto takes off again, or dump them? I never pushed them hard, so they're in pretty much pristine condition.

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    Crypto will take off again, but not anytime soon. Sell them asap.
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    Sell them now. Just try not to flood the market

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    Crypto will price itself exactly as it is, monetised energy, but long term I can see it being wholly uneconomical on any platform where the currency isn't just used as a "battery" for renewables.

    Just speculation of course

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    You should sell them. Currently with the price of crypto, it's not economically feasible to turn in a profit with most cryptocurrencies unless you plan to keep the crypto in the long run.

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