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    GM confirms possible bug with RBG rewards

    As many of us are confused with the new rewards system for BfA mainly when it comes to rbg's. I have had multiple tickets and responses from GM's some confirming that you get the glad mount and title and some saying the exact opposite, well today i finally got to speak to a gm in person in chat for almost an hour and he gave me permission to post this on the official forums and as many fan sites as possible.

    im gur. com/a/vPx1DxL

    im gur. com/a/FYu9Gnz

    the tldr is that he thinks that its a possible bug and that the only way to get it into the right hands is to submit a bug report on your character with 2400+ cr and 50+ wins in rbg's.

    MOD can you please edit my post so we can view these pictures. thank you

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    Win 50 3v3 games while at Gladiator rank during Battle for Azeroth Season 1.

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    There will ne no glad for rbgs, there was confirned info on mmo-champion that it's 3v3 only title (that is great idea). A lot of gms are clueless btw

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