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    Cool Hello everybody!

    Hello everyone, I am jackmake and I am diving back into dota2 after 2.5 years break. I will be stuck reading changelogs, playing bots games, learning the meta, learning the new map (which is probably old news to all of you ). Anyway, will appreciate some tips and tricks since I feel like a total noob right now.

    gl hf boys

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    Good luck man, everything you know is a lie now.

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    Holy damn you were right. I got completely rekt by some bots from the workshop. So, it's down to either creating a new account and playing there until I get the hang of it and returning to my main or just playing with bots for a looooong time.

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    Come to sense. Do you really need a comeback?

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    Welcome back and yes agree with glowzone, everything you know is a lie now

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    Welcome back to community!

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    Just watch some pro games (esl, dreamleague) really easy to understand what's happening around.
    Well, and just learn new items, show people supa-dupa master of middle lane, or w/e lane u play
    step into everything will gief ya nothing, mon

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    Just play some heroes and youll remember how
    It's like driving bicycle. Cant unlearn it.

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    welcome back man!!!

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