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    Dancing Rune Weapon (Google Form)

    Hey guys, BanterDK from the Acherus Discord here. Was wondering if I could grab some help.

    So, some interesting feedback came back from the recent DK megathread on Reddit recently, It seems that a large population of the vocal reddit community (that plays Death Knight) does not seem to like Dancing Rune Weapon, or does not think it plays a useful part in the toolkit (A notable amount also agreed that it should be removed).

    I wanted to gather some more data on the community sentiment regarding Dancing Rune Weapon, so I decided to put together a small survey so we can have some measurable data.

    The survey below should take about 5 minutes to fill out(No longer than 10 minutes to fill out). I would really appreciate you guys taking the time to fill this out <3

    Edit: Form is now closed
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    DRW gives me a sentimental value to the old Sartharion +3D days, I really liked the mitigation god-tanks.

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    10 minute survey about DRW without actually asking the only relevant question: "how do you think DRW should be improved/changed?"

    Blood DK has enough of defensive cooldowns as it is, so DRW isn't required as such - it should just be a, mostly, dps cooldown. Give it more OOMPH, increase the duration to 20 seconds.

    So like 10% parry buff, bigger dmg % to the rune weapon strikes and 20 second duration.
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    Back in the day, it looked like they were going towards a parry window direction for Blood. I think you had Blade Barrier too, which increased parry by 10% whenever our runes were recharging. DRW was an extremely important CD back then and gearing for parry also wasn't unheard of.

    Then all of a sudden they just went away from it, I dunno.. I like it more for DPS and I tend to use it when I'm being attacked by frenzied things or dual wielders. A lot of things that attack really fast, etc.

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    i liked it the most in legion when i gained triple resources from it
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    I think you might have taken the wrong impression from that thread, I went through it and searched for DRW and Dancing and there were more posts saying they liked it and found it useful than were criticising it and of the criticisms most were of the fact that it got heavily nerfed since legion (on GCD, shorter duration, only one extra weapon).

    Going through the metions of it I can find we have (all paraphrased):

    "strong cooldown, sucks that it was nerfed since legion"
    "DRW is in a good spot right now (though weaker than it was in legion)"
    "it would be nice if there was a talent that interacted with DRW somehow"
    "it sucks that you have to use DRW to get Bone Shield charges"

    There is just a single post there by a guy who didn't like DRW and nobody upvoted it so to take that as some sort of cue that the community as a whole dislikes the spell is certainly not an accurate representation when almost every mention of it was positive with the only downside being that people in general felt it got nerfed a lot since legion.

    I'll go a bit further and say that reddit thread in general, while a good idea, turned out to be a bit of a flop. A lot of the responses were contradictory and very few of the responses garnered anything by way of upvotes. Look for example at the Unholy feedback, there are generally two suggestions, 1. More ghouls from Apocalypse and bring back Gargoyle, 2. The spec has too much passive damage. Sometimes you see both of these brought up in the same post. Asking for more passive damage while also complaining that the spec has too much passive damage means the person hasn't even thought their suggestions through, they are just asking for more of everything which isn't really useful feedback. You can't act on it and even if you did act on part of it doing so would fall foul of the other part. I can sympathise with both sides of that but unless someone can see that you can't really get both at once then you can't really look at their feedback as having any real merit, it is just a random thought off the top of someones head that they haven't considered even enough to see that the two things they want are self-contradictory.
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    Just remove it from Gcd again and im happy about it

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    How to improve it? Remove it.

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    I don't know why they can't just list the damage on the ability.

    It's primarily used for DPS and getting boneshield charges up quickly, at least in raids. In M+ I use it exactly the same way, but also think of it as a defensive CD depending on the pull, because you can actually notice the 40% parry for 8 seconds on mass pulls where there is a lot of incoming physical damage.

    Realistically I don't think it needs to be changed. The tooltip should be updated with damage values and eternal rune weapon should just be fucking removed or improved with something actually useful. I wouldn't be opposed to it lasting longer, but the parry effect being diminished to compensate. I don't think DKs need any help defensively, an I'd primarily be okay with it being tailored more for boosting resource generation (boneshield) and damage.

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    Should be a dps cooldown for Frost.

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    I actually didn't know which attacks get mirrored and had to look it up afterwards. Amazing Never thought about for a second...

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    Its our best baseline defensive for +s and probably raiding too and gives us some very decent burst for a tank spec. The one thing i dont like about its that it doesnt feel complete without the azerite trait.
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    It's a relic from the past at this stage, but I do like it with the ERW trait. double stacking 385 traits gives a shit ton on strength which has multiplying effects with bone shield and armour. We can put out some decent AoE with it up.

    It should be off the GCD though so it can be used properly as a defensive

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