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    Other than new Allied Races, what am I actually missing?

    I got into Legion pretty late, so I'm still playing around with it. I haven't bought BFA yet, and I cant really tell if I'm missing out on much. Legion is honestly a lot of fun. I love the Class Hall single player focus. The mage and monk ones have been great story-wise. Does BFA have any similar story stuff like this?

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    Hmm, seems no one has anything. I might get the game for the Allied Races eventually... I think I want a Void Elf and LF Draenei.

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    Impressive troll thread.

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    In BfA you have the 'war-campaign' that is the same for every class. And leveling in 3 zones, that are the same for every class. It's 3 other zones for the other faction.
    You can level with Island Expeditions and dungeons. At the moment, you're not missing much. Enjoy Legion as much as you can. Get the rep for the allied races before buying BfA, because you'll need it anyway.

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    Some like BfA, others don't

    Personally I don't think it's fun atm. After having played most of legion, BfA just feels like an extension of legion, and this makes it feel a bit boring. I wanted something more new. Instead i got more world quests and mission boards. Plus the horrible azerite system.

    Once I had cleared normal uldir I didn't feel like there was anything else to do that made it worth sticking around. I don't pvp so i can't speak for that aspect of the game. When 8.1 drops I'll play again though.

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    Don't forget BfA is still relatively new, content will be drip fed, atleast with legion its all available right now. Enjoy Legion, get your rep, then consider buying BfA.

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