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    Is classic going to be a "clone"?

    Or is it going to be a revamped and modified experience?

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    I will be very positively surprised if its a clone. I think it will be a revamped and modified experience trying to be as close as it can be to original, but still it won't be a direct clone.

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    It's going to be a revamped clone.

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    A beautiful little clone. The first perfect clone.

    The Clone

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    Pretty sure some optimizations will be there but the game should play as it did in 1.12.

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    Considering what they've said is 1.12 with no changes other than some bugfixes, support for modern hardware and modern security and anti-cheat updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debased View Post
    Or is it going to be a revamped and modified experience?
    Hopefully going to be classic but with B.net and fixes. Nothing more.
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    Imagine you wanna play Mario 64 again. You have your N64 you have the old game. And that's all you need. you start up the game and everything from when you played in back in 1997 is still there, graphics, sounds, music, controls. It';s all there because it was on that cartridge.

    The last thing I wanna do it start up Mario 64 and Mario Odyssey plays :P
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    It will be more like building a 1960's muscle car that is intended to be driven every day. It will look like a 1969 Camaro on the outside, but the stuff you don't see, motor, transmission, brakes, alternator, etc. will be brand new modern technology. It will very much look and feel like a Classic, but without all of reliability problems those old cars could give you.

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