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    We dont know his name, only that he is the son of Grom, and he is lightbound
    His name could be go'el/thrall/durotan/ganar/grom/dranosh or something entirely new

    I'm hope for rakeesh to be the secret, or at least around and lightbound, maybe led to a Light civil war
    Xe're/yrel/groms son and the light bound vs the us/A'dal/velen
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    wE doNt kNoW wHat PlAyeRs wAnT FoR CHarACteR CrEaTioN MOdelS

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    I remember the Exarch Hellscream part. I figured it was AU Garrosh because the time travel pet where you fight him they say our Garrosh was one of the worst possible incarnations.

    Don’t know if y’all caught that Geyarah is inferred to be AU Thrall. She’s the daughter of the Frostwolf chief. Her father was killed by the Legion before she was born. Also she has blue eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Eh, just you wait till patch 8.whatever and we'll see
    I have no doubt they would name him Garrosh, even though Grom would not bother after the road Garrosh led the Orcs down in WoD. It still would be AU garrosh becasue his birth mother equivalent already died.

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