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    Quote Originally Posted by Futhark View Post
    What do you think will be revealed at Blizzcon?

    My guesses:
    • Kul Tiran and Zandalari classes
    • lore for 8.2

    I'd like to hear about more Allied Races and a Shaman redesign, but I doubt that will happen.

    What do you think will realistically be announced that we don't know yet?
    They will definitely reveal the next wave of Allied races, if not literally everything that remains.

    They'll hint where 8.2 and possibly further are leading. They'll talk about major changes to Azerite system that are much needed. Beyond that we'll see, I guess. Obviously 8.1 will be fully revealed along side of all Kul Tiran/Zandalari info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korrah View Post
    My guess is the next xpack, with Aszhara and N'zoth as main villians.
    8.2 reveal; something war related, possibly Gorak tul as end boss.
    Allied races; Ogre, Vulpera for horde. And some High elf using something else then the current elf models. And another random race for the alliance.
    Way too early for that, and Azshara will be killed off this expansion almost certainly. N'zoth will likely be the big bad here as well, but that remains to be seen. Him being a part of the next expansion is vaguely possible.

    Ogres will not be an allied race (too much work required, unique animations etc), nor will high elves or anything else elven be added (should be obvious, the only people who believe this are the ones obsessed with playable high elves). Just stop while you're ahead, lol. Vulpera will be Horde but that has been a given for months now.
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    My guess:
    - Blizzard HQ leave Irvine and move to Las Vegas.

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    There will always be a Lich King.
    He'll be back.

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    I think the big class changes will be saved for Blizzcon, along with 8.1 release date and some info on 8.2. I don't think WoW will be a big focus this year though.

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    I'm not expecting a ton here. I think Blizz was really planning on having Diablo 4 to show off and anchor this Blizzcon and will struggle to find highlights for this year's presentation without it.

    Opening Ceremony
    WoW Classic video
    New Overwatch hero/map
    Diablo Netflix Series
    Heroes of the Storm new hero
    Hearthstone new cards/single player mode
    Starcraft acknowledgement that it still exists

    What's Next - 8.1
    8.1 Release Date with Dazar'Alor release time frame
    Kul'Tiran/Zandalar Classes and how to unlock
    Vanilla Timewalking dungeons, Mists Timewalking Raid

    What's Next - 8.2 and later
    New Worgen/Goblin models
    Worgen/Goblin Heritage Armor/Story
    Sethrak/Vulpera Allied Races (These fit well with the skeletal reveals)
    Nazjatar questing zone/raid/dungeons
    Mage Tower like thing that gives each race their Heritage Weapon
    New Warfront (Gilneas perhaps? Silvermoon?)
    Flying unlock post achievement, new Alliance/Horde specific flying mounts
    8.3 - teaser about fighting N'Zoth as he brings in the Black Empire.

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    An actual cinematic trailer for 8.1 that isn't the one we see in-game like for ToS and Shadows of Argus.
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    I hope that they will announce Ogres(based on kul'tiran rig) of Half ogres as allied race.. maybe like 0,1% chance for that because they hate us, fans waiting for anything ogre for so long. When WoW will be at last expac they will add them as a joke piss us off.
    - They might reveal all remaining allied races, so 4 at once.
    - 2 another heritage armors for classic races.
    - New zone for 8.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImTheMizAwesome View Post
    I hope that they will announce Ogres(based on kul'tiran rig) of Half ogres as allied race.. maybe like 0,1% chance for that because they hate us, fans waiting for anything ogre for so long. When WoW will be at last expac they will add them as a joke piss us off.
    I wanted Ogres so bad but after we got the fat pandas and i saw how the platemail is stretched and wobbles i'm not sure i want Ogres.

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    Nothing interesting. Maybe 7.2 and 7.3 sneak peeks. Except new HS expansion announcement is an exception.

    It's my first Blizzcon I will be skipping in a long time! Granted I mainly purchased the ticket because I wanted those mounts and pets, which from now on seem to be available from the store instead, and a ticket gets you some shit toys instead you'll never be using.

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    no, but i do honestly expect some smug comment from him.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    wE doNt kNoW wHat PlAyeRs wAnT FoR CHarACteR CrEaTioN MOdelS

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    I don't really expect anything big for (retail) WoW. This year will likely focus more on the other franchises.

    Maybe some patch stuff, but we aren't due big news until next year.

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    I really want a wc1-3 hd remake, and a clash of clans mobile game
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    wE doNt kNoW wHat PlAyeRs wAnT FoR CHarACteR CrEaTioN MOdelS

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    Heritage weapons.

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    Massive "damage control" 8.2 reveal, with like, tons of content.
    World of Warcraft: Shadowblands
    Diablo Bore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Here we go again.

    Diablo - The floor exhibit is going to be all Diablo 3: Switch Edition, but I still hold out hope we get confirmation that D4 is happening.

    WoW - 8.1 release date, and a bunch of classic information.

    SC - Dead Game

    Heroes - New hero or two, probably the final payoff to this "year of lore" that they wanted to do and then I guess abandoned.

    Overwatch - New hero and map

    Hearthstone - Expansion 3 for this year

    New Games - None

    Esports - Yes

    Community Reaction - Disappointment
    I think the blue post talking about the thing everyone wants taking a very long time is confirmation 4 is happening but nothing will be shown yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngerFork View Post
    What's Next - 8.1
    Kul'Tiran/Zandalar Classes and how to unlock
    How amazing would it be if Zandalari got Death Knights, but BWONSAMDI DKs and not Lich King DKs? It would be new lore for an established class, just like Tauren Paladins. I'd like to see one in all the bone-plate armor that is coming in 8.1!

    I'd like Drustvar Death Knights for Kul Tiran too, but that's a bigger stretch, especially with Drust Druids.

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    My guess is that they will announce that Nathanos does something super rad and gets all the babes. Oh they might think about doing something for the alliance too, maybe, if there's time after Nathanos.
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    • Classic will be revealed to have some amount of QoL changes and more than half of the "community" will lose its fucking shit.
    New BiS for 9.1!

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    Let's see here:

    -more RNG
    -Less player agency
    -more Nathanos godmodding
    -even less logic in the story
    -fluff panel
    -pre-written non-answers
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    -animated short
    -some social feature/game mode
    -hopefully some lore

    -D3 expansion and/or d2 remaster
    -talk about the switch
    -diablo netflix series



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