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    I've always been told that the high end players only do it for the prestige tho and that the gear is not the goal.
    Some people going skiing for fun on a vacation.

    Some people ski to compete in the Olympics.

    It's weird how people do things for different reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkagenRora View Post
    I still think Blizz should add some "alternative" ways to get gear.
    There are alternative ways to get gear. There is no need to allow everyone to get full highest difficulty gear. You only need the gear for the content you are doing. If you never step foot into mythic raiding then you don't need mythic raiding level gear. Not the end of progression is not the same for every player. Different levels of gear progression are fine as long as that ceiling stops where you out gear the content you do.

    Harder content should most certainly give better rewards. Because those better rewards are what make that content easier. The entire game and its systems would need to be redone to remove gear from the difficulty path. And even then there would be some new way to steadily decrease the difficulty for "winning". Otherwise everything would be a one and done. No one would beat their heads against a wall every week with no change in difficulty if all it gave was a pet or achievement.

    You raid to get gear. Gear that helps you raid.
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