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    ? guild wars title is from the lore, not from a system itself, its like saying world of warcraft is about war, but now its about a battle for AP 8(
    Cod has a new campaign, new weapons, new multiplayer levels every year. Zelda has been recycling the same weapons, villains, and dungeons since the 80's. Zelda recycles enough to make cod blush. The same weapons, villains, dungeons, and princess in every single Zelda for the most part. It's almost as cheesy as bowser vs Mario round 35

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    WoW sucks. Shadow is ruined and likely not getting repaired.

    My wife is disinterested in her hunter and lock too, and has given up raiding already (I would too were I not a guild leader).

    I was looking for other MMO's to go to, but the market is pretty barren right now.

    There are some new entries on the distant horizon that have some promise like Pantheon and Camelot Unchained, but there is no meat to either of them yet, and they're both likely candidates for vanishing in a puff of smoke & bankruptcy months before launch.

    So I dug around the internet and found that the second most popular MMO is still Guild Wars 2, years after launch it's still got 2.5M players: those aren't rookie numbers!

    I played a Mesmer in the beta and generally liked a lot of the ideas in GW2, but launch hit around the same time as a WoW expansion and I got pulled the other way. Memories are generally fond but vague, and outdated by now.


    1. What do you like about Guild Wars 2?

    2. What improvements have they made since launch?

    3. What is better about Guild Wars 2 than WoW?

    4. What do you dislike about Guild Wars 2?

    5. What's going on with the class system? Do you need to evolve your Mesmer into a Mirage? What if the base class sounds cooler?

    6. Rate Guild Wars, out of 10.

    As you said, two years after launch, where most MMO's are dying left and right, they are still up there.

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