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    Corsair BlizzCon Map - Unknown Areas

    Corsair BlizzCon Map
    Corsair posted a BlizzCon map with a large Demo area next to the Diablo Demo Area that doesn't appear on the official map, as well as a large unlabeled area in the Warcraft area that also isn't on the official map.

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    The Lightbringer Archmage Alodi's Avatar
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    Kinda surprised that they didn't put RGB lighting on the map.

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    I am Murloc! Logwyn's Avatar
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    Eh what is it?

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    Corsair boot is interesting, so is huge Diablo demo area hidden on official map.

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    The one in the Warcraft area could just be the Virtual Ticket production stage area. Either that, or it's the smaller one by the HotS demo area.

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    Obvious D2 remaster is obvious.

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    Please be Warcraft 3 Remaster, please be Warcraft 3 Remaster!

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    unlabeled area next to warcraft? Warcraft 3 remastered maybe?

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    I wonder how many Switches will fit into a room that size....

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    warcraft area is probably for that community dungeon thing they said they were doing

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    I said that the huge open area on the Hall D floor was unusual.

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    Funny to see how they put Nvidia on their map, but not Asus which is right next to Nvidia.

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    Could be something new, could be that Corsair made this map with an earlier floor layout given to them that Blizzard has since changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archmage Alodi View Post
    Kinda surprised that they didn't put RGB lighting on the map.
    that got me lol.
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    This looks like the raid map, for MC classic..

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    Looks like the design for a pci slot pcb

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    There is going to be some big news for diablo(most likely D2 remaster, and current D2 going free as Starcraft did before), map is diablo style and there is 2 demo zones in the diablo wing

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    I'm ready to be disappointed. "We ported Diablo 3 to the commodore 64 as a text based MUD!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demsome View Post
    I'm ready to be disappointed. "We ported Diablo 3 to the commodore 64 as a text based MUD!"
    we ported it like a d&d game with dice and all

    haha seriously all those project of diablo is just money fuel to the real project, peoples should stop bashing them, its help them developping the new game

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    that's where the traps are located

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