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Thread: Flying in 8.2

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    I am glad for flying, but I dont care enough to really have an opinion. I enjoy the convenience, but I'm not passionate about it either way.
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    Flying should be a reward for completing the 8.0 storylines and getting all the rep exalted, would be a perfect incentive to keep doing WQ's for rep.

    Not to mention that the Horde hub basically NEEDS flying to be functional enough to use, it's absolutely ridiculous that we can't fly immediately once we don't even need to be in the world anymore.

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    I just dont understand why we cant get flying after doing every quest, reached exalted with current factions and explored the whole continent. The only thing left for us to do is farming stuff for proffessions, traveling to M+ dungeons and doing WQs that gives rewards worthwhile doing besides rep.

    I have more or less no reason going out in the world now besides the odd WQs and farm stuff.
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    Personally I like the idea of flying getting delayed. You get to know new areas better by running. )

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    Flight should be instant cast, usable at 15 seconds intervals, and have a 3 minute cool down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigrdrifa View Post
    Personally I like the idea of flying getting delayed. You get to know new areas better by running. )
    Yes, but after doing every quest and reaching exalted with current factions theres not much more to explore now is it?

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    Should have been in 8.1. Seen everything several times over, and frankly tired of a water strider being the best defacto choice most of the time.

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    The Lightbringer Adramalech's Avatar
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    I don't mind Pathfinder. I'm ok with having to explore and complete the content to get to fly. The problem is, I have done all of it. I have fucking crossed the same paths many times now. I already earned the right to fly and make things less tedious and annoying. Yet we still have to wait not until 8.1, but 8.2, have to complete even more achievements, earn more reputation, the same dance that I have already completed months ago. All this to unlock a basic function of the game that should have never been restricted like this in the first place, that somehow only became a problem in WoD. And this is all many months away.
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    Exactly. Why 8.2? Why not 8.1?

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    Flying should be enabled at Max Level and a minimum of Honored with a bunch of factions of the expansion.

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    I really only like flying because of screenshots and herbing. Other than that, don’t care too much either way - I can play without it.
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