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    Question for draenei character's background

    Hello fellow players,

    I was wondering.. How long was the trip from Draenor to the crash on Azeroth exactly ? I want my character to be born on the Exodar and to know Azeroth as her only "home" but i'm afraid she'll be too young to have fought in BC all the way to BfA.
    What do you people think ?

    (sorry for my english... i hope it's not too bad)

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    Since the Timeline is unofficial and no one really has a clue what it is.


    Shows at the bottom, The Burning Crusade: '' Velen leads a raid to liberate the Exodar and escape Outland. Blood elf saboteurs cause it to crash on Azeroth.''
    Could be that they just warped from Outland as far away as possible like we've seen with the Vindicaar.

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    It would probably be a better idea to have her born on Draenor near it's decline and then have her reach maturity on Azeroth.

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    Yeah you're probably right.. the thing is that i love the draenei race but i always considered them to be "outsiders" in a way, and i loved the idea of an "azerothian draenei". But i suppose i could go with one too young to relate to Draenor as her homeworld.
    Thanks a lot ! If anyone as a different take on the matter please let me know.

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    I hope I'm not too late but unless you want your character to be a seven year old child, it's impossible for your draenei to be classified as a born Azerothian, as they crash landed on Azeroth only seven years ago in the lore. And unless your character is around ten years old now, I also highly doubt that she would not relate with Draenor as her homeworld.

    It is also a popular myth that their journey from Outland to Azeroth was a long one, though that is far from the truth. While the posters above are correct that we don't know the actual amount of time it took, judging by the timeline, it happened within mere weeks or less.

    Draenei age at the same rate as humans, so if you want to be an adult, the minimum is eighteen years of age. Any adult draenei under two centuries old is Draenorborn, though if they are younger than thirty years old, their childhood would have been during the genocide of their race and the destruction of Draenor, therefore very traumatic (another reason why she could not have forgotten Draenor, unless she is still overly young).

    I could go on for hours about draenei lore and how to roleplay them correctly, though that would be going beyond the question of this thread I think. As for all the timeline stuff, I also recommend looking at the link above that Xiandra posted. Techo-Druid's suggestion is also the closest I think you will get in terms of having a now adult draenei view Azeroth as the place they did a lot of their maturing (she was, say, eleven when she crash landed on Azeroth and went through her adolescence there).
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    Hi ! Thanks for your response.

    I guess i can go with that. I have yet to create her but i want her to be a warrior. So being fuelled by rage would go well (i think) with being born in the middle of war and chaos. I still find disappointing that the journey between Outland and Azeroth was so short but oh well i guess i didn't pay enough attention to lore.

    Thank you !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno-Druid View Post
    It would probably be a better idea to have her born on Draenor near it's decline and then have her reach maturity on Azeroth.
    That is so right! should get her maturity at Azeroth

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    Extremely intelligent and had a natural affinity for magic in all of its forms.

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    I have also the same question.

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    Can anyone suggest me a solution?

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