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    All they had to do was adapt The Last Guardian.

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    It felt very cheap and too Warcraft-y.

    Tried to carry WoW's cartoony artstyle to a movie didn't work very well

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    Makes you wonder if Blizz even read the script before signing off on the making from the start. Maybe it was a WTF moment, similar to the *showing that Zandalari can be locks at Blizzcon, then later saying sorry...they can't be* incident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromell View Post
    Am I missing something? Its profit is almost 4 times its budget value, where does that classify as a failure? Or do you mean from a viewership point of view? Which I believe most people liked the movie.
    You missed thst only a small fraction of the box office gies back to the studio, especially in China, and also the cost figure for making the movie did not include the cost of marketing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eats Compost View Post
    I think there's sort of a broader problem with Warcraft's story here. There's a "neither side is really bad" idea for the Alliance/Horde that's been treated as central to the franchise since Warcraft 3, but they've never portrayed that at the same time as an Alliance vs Horde conflict in a way that's actually translated well. Warcraft 3 itself flowed so well because the main Alliance and Horde points of view were both unambiguously good guys, who only really participated in that conflict as a matter of self-defense. The outliers (like Daelin) are treated like bad guys in a pretty straightforward way. And to get an idea of how people feel about the plot they used for faction war expansions (including BfA), you only need to take a quick look at the forums see that it's not quite unanimously praised; they're just not that good at creating compelling, nuanced conflicts where both sides are humanized.

    That comes back to the movie, because they were setting a ridiculously tall order for themselves. Trying to follow specific source material, follow two interchanging points of view, and make both of them protagonistic at the same time was way too ambitious. If the modern franchise struggles to do it with the benefit of multimedia sources & a huge backlog of lore, a 2-to-3 hour movie that needed to facilitate newcomers was always going to face an uphill battle.

    They would've had more success if they deviated from the source material and the attempt at equivalence between Alliance/Horde protags. If they made a more straightforward LotR "mortal races versus orc invaders" thing, or a movie that was entirely from the orc PoV and was a story about how the orcs were being manipulated and how they broke free from that, they'd have a much easier time telling an appropriate story. It might not mesh well with WoW's "two sides to the story that are meant to be equally looked after" thing, but that's the compromise they needed to make to work with this format.
    Yea, I definitely agree. A lot of what Blizzard does with their writing and prides itself on is asking what it means to be human and what it means to be a monster. I think the Warcraft movie captured that essense except the problem is not to ask that question from the get go. It makes for a very confusing experience for the audience. It also distracts from the secondary main theme of the film which was the 'nature of true evil'. True evil is both concealed and obvious. At its core it is seditious and offering power at a price.

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    It was a movie made specifically for people who knew a lot about Warcraft and it still got confusing to them at some point given the changes they made. The person I was with who didn't play Warcraft didn't understand anything by the end of the movie other than human=good, orc=bad. She actually believed that the demon was Gul'dan.

    I say they picked a very complicated story with too many elements and mashed it all together in a 2 hour movie.

    Still the orc riding the wolf was about the coolest thing I've seen so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Zanjin View Post
    it failed because it felt rushed. 40 minutes of the movie was forced to be removed.
    This. 10 chars

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwkwardSquirtle View Post
    Wasn't Garona originally believed to be half human? It was only later revealed that she was half draenei. I don't think that she knew herself at the point where the movie takes place.
    i believe she was half-human in war1. there were no other races.
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    Performance of the real life actors was pretty poor and the script seemed so... shallow? (the best I can describe). The CGI orcs were the most interesting part of the whole movie... if Blizz could make a full CGI movie and hire a new movie director I reckon they could make a box office worthy movie. Maybe focus on the story of the Lich King and not orcs from outer space.
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    They had pretty much nobody actors and a nobody director. They should have just made Rise of the Horde and not the mangled story they went with. In a film like this it is normally the CGI that looks out of place but in this it was the real actors.

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