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    Why are are people trolling zandalari paladins in a thread about Kul Tiran shaman? Seriously, get over it. But if you can't, then at least take it to a relevant thread.
    Gonna officially echo this comment - let's keep it to the topic Kul Tiran Shaman. If we can't keep it relevant or devolve into only complaints about Zandalari Paladins or what have you I'll have to close the thread.

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    My own opinion on Kul Tiran shaman is that, well.. they are a fascinating concept.

    That said, the entire argument of "Shamanism doesn't work for humans" is ridiculous. Traditional shamanism doesn't, as in, a bunch of savages chanting tribal magics to call forth lightning and lava, but the tidesages are something different entirely. At the same time, tidesages are a little bit priest and a little bit shaman, so Kul Tiran shaman are more leaning towards that side than the other.

    Naturally the most fitting spec for them will be restoration, but at the same time, they do use lightning occasionally. It's primarily fire that feels out of place for them, since I do not recall them using that. Even enhancement fits the style as we do see some 'enhancement shaman' style tidesages now and again. They utilize wind and water primarily, but not so much earth or fire. (I guess that's backwards to dark iron shaman ironically, as they surely use earth and fire and very little wind or water.)

    Either way, humans learning a style of shamanism in their own unique way is very awesome and I am a big fan of them. I like them almost as much as I like how their druids are designed. I look forward to seeing them on live servers, and I hope they are plenty of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarocket View Post
    We've seen enough from the Kul Tirans with the tidesages who even have their own version of totems with the anchors to get enough of a connection for Shaman I feel. That said we've only really seen them connecting to the element of water but it's not a stretch to reach out to the other elements in a similar way. In my personal head cannon - most Kul Tiran tidesages are just really water focused shaman. Resto specc'd shaman will feel like the most natural version to me.
    I'd say as sailors they have a lot to do with the element of air too, no? It is the winds that carry them to their destination, after all.
    And generally speaking, as a seafarer, you are at the mercy of the elements.
    Another thing; The sea is considered a very spiritual domain by several pagan religions/sailor superstition, I believe.

    As for the weird paladin discussion that's been happening at the side:
    Shamans, which incorporate elements of witch doctors, spirit walkers, far seers, geomancers, shamans and shadow hunters would be more acurately named as "That spirit dude".
    Hunters incorporate elven archery, dwarven marksmenship, rexxars beast mastery, some gnomish/goblin engineering perhaps etc. It's clear that this class too, is a hybrid of several wcIII units. Should we name it the "Ranged weapon and pet dude"?
    In a similar fashion, paladins incorporating blood knights, sunwalkers, knights of the silver hand, scarlet crusaders, exarchs, prelates etc. would be more aptly named "Warrior that uses light magic".
    Even the wcII paladins (the source of it all) were simply knights (mounted warriors) taught to use the light NOTHING MORE.
    So by definition, if you're armored cavalry proficient in the light, you are a paladin. And neither armor, mounts nor the light are exclusive to humanity.
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    why would anyone create a new shaman. they are worst class in the game and it isnt changing in 8.1. blizzard has ignored everything shamans have stated is wrong with the class and left them warming the bench for all content. the only thing shamans are good at is pet battling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nargoron View Post
    Ehm, so you can't say : I dont like this book. - Because its not yours? that is ...interesting argument.

    And zandalari are trolls, so if zandalari have paladins, they are trolls... troll paladin is just ridiculous. Whatever year is.
    I would like to see witch doctor voodoo class suitable for trolls rather then this.
    But if you like it. Good for you! You are happy consumer

    Correct, sorry for offtopic.
    But Kul Tiras shamans are weird as well. Shamanism doesn't suit human race in the same way as druidism.
    Actually there are tons of human shamans in the game. Look at the twilight hammer cult please.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelthon
    do i wanting my cat come the expansion due to signifying a reroll fresh scratch the night elf mage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awasi View Post
    Hello Guys,

    So with the confirmations at BlizzCon that Kul Tirans can be shamans. What do you think that their totems should look like?

    We already saw some totems that could be used as player totem model in Stormsong Valley, but those would look good only for restoration shamans which are close to Tidesages. However Elemental and Enhancement shaman have more Drust wibe, at least for me. Sothey could have wicker totems and possible some kind of glyph to make Spirit Wolfs and elementals look like some Wicker beasts.

    So what do you think? Would you like to have Kul Tiran totems more like Tidesage or Wicker themed?

    Sorry for english, i am not a native speaker.
    Hopefully like little rubber duckys

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