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    Less trash that you need to be focused 100000% procent on. Sometimes you just wanna pull a big group and blast. Not look out and call for interrupts, stuns, kiting, monk rings and shit, just fakin blast.

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    I think the rewards for pushing high keys needs to change.
    Imo every key above +10 should contribute to more loot in the weekly chest.
    How much each level should increase the rewards could be discussed but i think 20% per level is good. That way ppl that can push and do a +15 will find 2 items in their weekly chest rather than only 1.
    And the really insanely skilled ppl will end up with a guaranteed 3 items if they manage to do a weekly 20 run

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    Cap moved up to +15.

    Seasonal affix starts at +15.

    Fortified and tyrannical moved back to +10.

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    Red rid of LFR for good and show people that playing a game properly if more fun an will help their anxiety....

    - - - Updated - - -

    If someone leave a key before it ends or half the group hasn't voted the key Os over. The person who leave the grp should get 0 wache for the week

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    Majority of the players still need to git gud. That'd make the mythic+ experience much better to enjoy.

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    Allow a mechanism for non timed advancement.

    I like doing M+ keys that are just outside my capability - took 2 hours to do a M+10 Underrot last week for example.

    I want to be looking for stuns, crowd control, picking the mobs to pull ... really focusing on the thing.

    Problem is - the current system pushes me down well into my capability via the -1 to key problem.

    I don't want to do them faster - I want to do them harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethrezen View Post
    Majority of the players still need to git gud. That'd make the mythic+ experience much better to enjoy.
    Well - majority of players aren't allowed to 'git gud' because they are pushed down the ranks to easy mode by things like
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    if you played since the beginning of the expansion you have no excuse of not having good raider io, get gud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dremmy View Post
    or gear inflation, as you say it's already being addressed to some degree with Azerite. Extending it out to the rest of the loot table wouldn't make sense unless you can only buy randomised items, otherwise it becomes the absolute superior gearing method due to being able to fully target all your desired items.
    Make it so you can target azerite pieces as they announced and make all other slots randomized. id rather that than what we have now.
    Make weekly chest drop a bunch of currency based on highest m+ you did the previous week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blulingo View Post
    Less trash that you need to be focused 100000% procent on. Sometimes you just wanna pull a big group and blast. Not look out and call for interrupts, stuns, kiting, monk rings and shit, just fakin blast.
    Less trash is definitely needed as most instances have you spend the majority on trash mobs than the boss fights. Another thing is to gradually increase Mythic+ difficulty. Currently the highest completion is +21. Personally, I think it should be double that. Gain 6 key levels if you've completed a 3 chest, 3 key levels for a 2, and 1 key level with 1 chest. Let the modifiers be at key level 10, 20, 30, and possibly even 40 for a 4th. What do you think?

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    1. Cool transmog sets and some mounts for pushing 15+ and above. It's a huge time investment and you get nothing interesting for it but some extra rng loot. I didn't do it and unless something changes I am not going to.

    2. Fix meta class balance. Speaking from shaman pov it's nearly impossible to get an invite for 12,13 and higher groups even with 1k+ rio. Warrior about the same story altho geared Fury is solid. I get it: this is where details matter and design flaws can hardly be overcome.

    3. Penalty for leaving before the timer is over.

    4. A loot system with slightly less rng, some currency will be fine. It is already addressed in 8.1 afaik.

    5. A bit more melee-friendly m+ to mach the melee/ranged ratio. You can't have 2x more melee specs in the game and on the other hand tactics that promote ranged.
    The trash quantity and quality is challenging when fortied+teeming but overall fine. Not sure why people are complaining.

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    Participation feels very low this expansion for mythic plus. While that's partly to do with the reward system (why run it if you don't need the gear?), a larger part of it is the dungeon and affix design. Improving the affixes and giving players a reason to run the dungeons would be a great way to improve M+.

    Affixes are the big one in my opinion. You have weeks where DPS just don't want to play, like this week (teeming, explosive, fort). Then you have weeks where healers don't really want to play (any week with grievous). It's almost as if the dungeons and there affixes were designed to be frustrating rather then challenging and enjoyable.

    Some changes I can think of that would improve my m+ experience -

    Sanguine - This should be targeted to specific mobs, rather than applying to every single mob in the dungeon. This would make it far less frustrating in dungeons like Waycrest and Tol Dagor.

    Explosive - Mostly OK now, though I would like to see some cap put in place on the number that can spawn at any one time (maybe 4?).

    Grievous - This absolutely should not be triggered at 90% health. It's just not enjoyable as a healer and feels like a massive chore. Triggering at something like 40% health would be much better, allowing players to be rewarded for good play (using personals before big hits etc).

    Fortified - This could be adjusted on a dungeon by dungeon basis. Some, like Motherlode and Shrine, have an enormous amount of trash and this affix is more apparent there then in Freehold or some others.

    The large variation in boss difficulty could also be reduced somewhat. There should be some difference in difficulty, however, in some cases, the difference is just stupidly large. Some examples of overtuned bosses would include Serpent in King's (having certain classes just makes this fight far easier compared to not having them), Galvazzt in Temple (DPS and Healer check, in a dungeon of mostly unforgiving bosses) and you compare these to other bosses like almost any in Motherlode or Atal and it becomes clear why some dungeons are heavily avoided and others are very popular.

    The amount of trash in dungeons reduces enjoyment as well. Almost all of the dungeons feel like a massive slog through endless amounts of trash. For many of the packs as well, pulling many at once just isn't really viable due to there abilties. Now this is a good thing, to an extent. I feel it should be the case for some of the trash, where interupts, purges and CC are very important, however not for most of it (let's say a 50/50 split would be good). Compare the current dungeons to Legion dungeons, where in many you could pull a bunch of packs and aoe them down. Now some might disagree and say that trash shouldn't be able to be pulled like that, but I feel fairly strongly that having more of those types of packs in dungeons is great for the game. People enjoy going mongo and popping all there cds and just laying waste to trash packs. It feels great.

    Affixes like necrotic, bursting, explosive and skittish feel like there in a good place overall.

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    Unlike legion we have no motivation to run lower keys
    Random players getting 360+ without touching a m+ will sign up for a 6 or 7 due to the rewards being at their level and then get stomped.
    The replacement for Legendaries (yes they are replacements fuck off saying otherwise) only being available through the cache...for now
    These are the issues
    8.1 is addressing some as are hotfixes
    Personally I say add in the cm rewards
    +5 gets a title
    +10 gets a mount
    +15 gets class armor mog

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    99% of the people are literally just asking the removal of mechanics/affixes because they suck at the game, guess what, you can always just go do lower keys because that's where you belong clearly. +18 keys aren't meant for everyone, you shouldn't be able to complete +20 keys just by smashing your keyboard and ignoring all mechanics.

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    Really the biggest issue is lack of rewards for running lots of these. In legion you got AP and chance at legendary. In BFA you get nothing.

    The new M+ currency needs to drop from end of dungeon chests. Increase the AP rewards, let the chests drop war resources too. Then there will again be a reason to do anything below +10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jba252 View Post
    if you played since the beginning of the expansion you have no excuse of not having good raider io, get gud
    Someone has no idea how statistics work.
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    M+ is alright I just don't want to see some affixes in combinations like for example this week teeming and explosive talk about a cluster fuck or Grevious and bolster. Should make tyrannical and for to 7 and have the others take its place. Also blame the fact that a lot of players don't really want to think ahead and make pulling easier by CC'ing mobs. They got the ability but just no IQ to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dremmy View Post
    A practice mode is somewhat interesting, but would it really be used much as opposed to just practicing on lesser keys? Also for PuGs if it's completely within the group leader's remit for activating that I can imagine some troll moments where people pop their consumables only to find the leader then decides to set it to practice.
    Practice mode would have a very small audience of players who push very high keys. It would be useful because certain pulls change very much with keystone level and can't be practiced a level below.

    PUG trolling can be eliminated by making a second keystone socket that emits a shining bright light when you interact with it. Or just have the practice socket in Boralus where you not only choose the level but also the dungeon to get teleported into.

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