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    Its nice until you reach ilevel 351-365. Then you have done pretty much everything(raids, some m+ etc).

    If you want to do higher m+ keys, you gotta spam worthless lower m+ keys so you can get a high score in a third party program not controlled by Blizzard.

    Besides that the questing is nice on both sides. Warfronts, IE, random BG, arena, proffesions is there to.

    I have done all of it now and I cant be bothered farming lower m+ keys for a stupid score, so I stick to normal & Hc raiding and the other casual stuff.

    BTW - Im starting to get bored and I log in much less now. Probably going to unsub and play again over new years.
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    Its fantatsic for a casual player, I've been playing casually since the start of expansion. Rarely pug, don't raid with guild currently, and only do mythic+, PVP, World Content

    And I haven't experienced NO problems at all with this expansion other then it feeling like more of the same from Legion. All the big highlights of controversy really aren't as big as the highlights would have you believe if you're playing casually.

    110-120 is a breeze, azerite powergrind is a breeze

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3athsting View Post
    Too bad you need to be a fotm class with fotm spec with 1000+ rating io to get invited into m+
    And is it hard to get 1000rio ? lol. do all keys in time start with +3 - +4, update score > do all +5 in time > update score and so on takes you 1-2 weeks if you fresh with no gear.

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