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    Which spec for m+ and raids

    Hello everyone!
    I've practically, only been playing DK since Wotlk, but I need/want an alt now and I've set my eyes on rogue.

    Things is, and I've asked around, which spec do I use for m+ and which for raids? I've recieved so many different answers, but I really only wanna know whats BEST, not whats easiest etc.

    I hope you can help me and I'm sorry if I've missed the answer somewhere.


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    For raids it depends on the boss // for mythic+ it depends on the dungeon and affixes and method of doing the mythic+

    Assassination is does well, but the word 'best' here is a misnomer
    Common sense is not common at all.

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    For pve usually you want to switch between assa and sub depending on the content

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    The best spec is the one you can perform with the best.

    If spec A is 5% better than spec B, but you can only manage to perform at 60% of spec A, but 80% of spec B...then spec B is better.

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    just wanted to say im going the opposite way, enjoyed rogue as my main mostly but now i levelled a DK (mostly for tanking)

    as for which spec, i would say the easiest spec to learn is Sin then outlaw then Sub, but its mostly dependant on what you doing.

    for Single target sin is good, Sub is also good (and IMO very fun to play) for, any fights where there are periods of AoE damage outlaw with blade flurry is very good.

    Sub has a lot of cc and mobility
    outlaw has good, simple damage with periods of very good AoE damage (via blade flurry)
    Sin has a very methodical style of play.

    i would suggest running a few dungeons on all the specs to find what you like

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    @Krogana @meean786

    Wow I literally had my eyes set on leveling my rogue till I could make a dk.

    I also started in wrath but my IRL GM said he just rather me work on my rogue and I have only really played rogue.

    Leveled characters through cheese like legion app but only really rolled rogue just found it interesting to hear your stories

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    Each spec is pretty close in terms of damage, but each spec has its own strengths and weaknesses. I'd say the best spec to play would be Sin. It performs very well in m+, providing nice burst damage on each pack of adds when you have the shrouded sufforcation trait while also reducing the damage the adds do when you use an empowered garrote aswell as silencing them for a good while. They perform very well in raids aswell and is usually the go-to spec, with the exception of Zek'voz and Zul, where you would play Outlaw and Sub.

    Sub in m+ requires a bit of cheesing and is not as good if you pug without communication. Certain dungeons are very good for sub because they have access to large mob pulls which is what sub wants. You basically ignore certain trash packs which are not dangerous and only you deal damage to them with shuriken storm in order to constantly empower your evicerates, therefore providing insane priority damage.

    I've not touched outlaw, so I can't really say how they are

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    Thanks a lot everyone :-) Assassination it is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krogana View Post
    Thanks a lot everyone :-) Assassination it is!
    Dude play all the specs! You have chosen an awesome class with 3 dps specs, why not take advantage of that?

    Okay to be fair, for mythic progression I tend to go with what is best for the specific boss (mostly Assassination). But for M+ and farm raids I switch it up all play all specs. It so much fun having 3 different playstyle to choose from so you don’t grow tired of playing the same spec over and over.

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    I got 3 garrote traits so I play the same spec in both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrubity View Post
    I got 3 garrote traits so I play the same spec in both.
    You lucky bugger.

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    I like outlaw for m+.
    Gouge is very useful, you can use vanish as utility with minimal dps loss. BtE stun isn't a complete dps loss.
    And on top of that you have blind for cc/ranged interupt.

    Also the adds spawned on last boss in waycrest, of you gouge their death glare cast it interrupts it and they won't cast it again.
    But handy for anything uninteruptable, and short CD.

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