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    Quote Originally Posted by Naked Snake View Post
    What are you talking about? I'm talking about World of Warcraft.
    So am I....

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    Oh, wait, banned.
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    Don't forget the long history of genocide various alliance races have carried out against the trolls in the past, the first and greatest civilisation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu65 View Post
    You don't know the faction you are playing. You just got a female elf Warchief and suddenly the Horde became what you would like it to be but actually isn't. You will never see any of the side races (blood elves, nightborne) shine. You will always get orc cinematics with iconic orc screams and zugzugs, enjoy being a blood elf gril in orcish wooden huts lol.
    Nice headcanon buddy, why dont you actually present reasons why the horde is primitive besides "lolol huts dude"? I dont see elven races shine? why is there a whole questline for Blood Elves coming very soon? Its not like they never had shine before, you're a fucking moron dude, I dont play a blood elf nor did I ever imply that they were more relevant than the orcs in the Horde.

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