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    They don't want you flying day one. Also, by waiting it allows them to add content in the release zones that doesn't immediately get trivialized, and that is what they should be doing anyway, especially in 8.1.

    Unlocking flying in x.2 is fine as long as there are no time gates on part 2.
    Why does it matter if it's day 1 or day 100, as long as the player has done the content and put in the work?

    Also, the ground content in the open world is already trivial. And if they have some super duper amazing story elements they want to present in a way that flying would spoil, then put it in a scenario like they always do anyway.

    The idea that flying is going to ruin anything only applies if the content is already weak to begin with.

    Flying isn't the problem; trying too hard to stretch weak content design is.

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    Only ever bought 1 mount from the shop, probably will never do it again and most likely to quit the game very soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    Unlocking flying in x.2 is fine as long as there are no time gates on part 2.
    Like ... uhm ... like the time gate between 8.1 and 8.2? Makes sense ... as long the time gate is not called a time gate and has any excuse attached it’s fine.
    Why Blizz doesn’t care about your fanboy sub really. <- this is a link ...
    How whales are important to RoI. <- this is a link too ...
    How ActiBlizz is striving to make as little official profit as possible- taxes! <- also a link ...
    Google “scientific revenue” and “Skinner-box” yourself.

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    Well it started well but been dropping all day its closed at 51:60$
    investors really are spooked by the backlash from blizzcon.
    I did email them about that price reduction that appeared in the window
    so far no reply. Wonder if that will coincide with the launch of 8.1 ? like a mini reboot of bfa

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