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    Maybe after the first month or two it's ok to not have flying but after that I'd rather just not deal with WQ etc if I have to keep running from point A to B on crap terrain and dismounting mobs. Also I've not even bothered with Alts the last couple of expac's until I was able to fly again.

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    I have to say, I quit the expansion because there was no flying. I've played the game ENOUGH to know when I want to "immerse" myself, and when I just want to get some stuff done cause I have this thing called real life.

    It was fairly straight forward for Legion and it was tolerable. BfA? Not so much. The zones are too big and I just don't want to run around it like I'm some sort of peon. I fought off the Legion, I flew in freaking outer space on an alien planet. I'm pretty damn sure I can fly on what is Azeroth, but just another island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mario710 View Post
    I understand how much time goes into creating content and so when a player simply fly’s over it the value is undermined.

    Perhaps people forget that flight is a privilege not a right. In the most respectful way possible, you should appreciate that we even have mounts at all. We have mages that can teleport us to different continents. You don’t need mounts.

    There are things Blizzard needs to improve but flight isn’t one of them.
    Then don't use it. Flying is one of WoWs core features and the world outdoor world in WoW is annoying and boring without flying. WoW has been much less fun the last three expansions in part due to no flying.

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