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    Quote Originally Posted by Hekazi View Post
    If everyone thought like you, saying "eh, others will do it", then warfronts won't progress
    You're definitely Alliance pleb.
    Ofcourse not, then it would get stuck. They advance if you contribute or not.
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    No, I don't care and I will continue to not care, too many other characters to max out.
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    5500 AP for minimal effort, not contributing is just being lazy.

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    only the easy shit

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    I do gold, resources, and cloth/leather, depending on which character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidzor View Post
    I did at first because I wanted 7th Legion rep. I stopped caring after I hit exalted.
    Ditto. I only do once for the 370 quest item in a futile attempt to avoid yet another duplicate.

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