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    BrM trinkets

    So what trinkets are you guys using and what are the most preferable to get our hands on?

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    Despite evidence to the contrary, I've been favouring an on-use Agility trinket because of the mutual benefit to burst DPS and burst Stagger. On a tough pack I can focus on bursting them down whilst taking less burst damage. It's probably not optimal but it is comfortable to my personal skill cap. I also have a Last Stand trinket for small 'oh-shit' moments.

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    I got lucky early on with a titanforged pvp emblem with 31k health on use and a socket, I like it a lot with fort brew since it isnt a super strong mitigation it creates an extra large buffer to work with. Blockades still remains a strong staple for mitigation.

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    Dice / looking glass / Spore pods / Fathoms for fortified
    Plumage / Rezan's Eye / Mythrax's trinket for tyrannical

    mythic raiding - depends what boss and what are you doing.
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    use dps ones like every tank. Orrrrrrr get the wrappings from Kings and Mythrax for survival purposes. Sporepods is mediocre as is Blockades.

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    Oh, its good. I need to try it

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    Spyglass + The Opulence trinket is the new go to. The opulence one scales with literally all secondaries and give so much passive self sustain and damage smoothing.

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    I usually just roll with DPS trinkets that also buff my tanking. Spyglass and Haran's Dice are the two I'm using now. Both give secondary stats that buff offense and defense.

    That Opulence trinket is pretty good too. It's usually my 3rd best 'heal' on the logs.
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    That Opulence trinket is pretty good too. It's usually my 3rd best 'heal' on the logs.

    25% of my Healing to be precise haha

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