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    War supply drops and when?

    So I have been all over the forums and looked everywhere I could with no luck finding the answer to this. At least, not an answer that is current since Darkshore. How often do the War supply chests drop? Last I knew it was every 20 min. Is it still every 20 min? Is it every 20 min PER zone? Or every 20 min in a random zone? Any confirmation information would help greatly as I am trying to finish off my xmog set from those boxes.

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    Id like to know as well so Ill bump this
    So far it seems its random.

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    Still haven't found anything. Anyone out there know more information about the spawn times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aarrok View Post
    Still haven't found anything. Anyone out there know more information about the spawn times?

    We took the time to track them last week in Voldun - there seems to be around 45min between the flying machines appearing assuming the crate is tapped by a faction (lasts around 2-3min and despawns). If you do not claim it, it seems to just sit there. Stopped counting after about an hour - no idea if it is bugged or working as intended. Pick a high vantage point and stare at the sky seems to be the only effective way to spot it not by accident. The sound is practically unaudible. Once the crate lands it projects a column of light high into the air however in the daytime in Voldun it was not easily visible even with max graphics settings. Much better at night. Hope that helps. Requires a bit of patience and gliders to get to it asap from your high spot Some people group up to ensure the tag - it's also extra pairs of eyes.

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    Inky Black Potion should ensure that you always see the pillar of light emanating from the chest. One thing that has helped me with immensely with getting chests is the Darkmoon Cannon. You look for a high vantage point, take aim, (use your gnomish gravity well at the point of the highest elevation, if you are an engineer) and pop your glider. Using this method, you'll often be the first one on site. How handy, if you want to feel extra sly.

    As for the sound and frequency. It used to be every 20 minutes in Darkshore but on Kul'tiras/Zandalar it seems more like an hourly event. The sound is rather prominent, at least the times I noticed it which I realize, isn't very telling.

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