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    Horde [H][Illidan] <Revoke> 8/8H & 3/8M LF DPS to push mythic content

    <Revoke> is a group of experienced competitive gaming & WoW players that are looking to push Mythic content. We have recently transferred from KT Alliance to Illidan Horde in order to take raiding more serious.

    Our current raid times are as follows: Wed/Thurs: 8pm-10:30pm EST Saturday: Normal/Heroic Clear (Optional) 10pm-12am EST

    This equates to 7pm-9:30pm SERVER & Sat 9pm-11pm SERVER.

    Currently 8/8 Heroic & 3/8 Mythic.

    We are currently looking for experienced DPS to push through Mythic Uldir and Battle of Dazar'Alor, but all exceptional players will be considered.

    If interested or want more information, please add KinetiKz#1587, Solaire#1498, or Dimpz#11953 on Battle.net, or you can add KinetiKz#6950 on Discord.
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    Still searching for more experienced players!

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    We are still looking for more players!

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    Now 3/8 LFM DPS!

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