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    Mistweaver M+ Trinkets

    I've been focusing on pushing higher keys lately, and I haven't been able to find a good guide for trinkets in different scenarios. For those mistweavers who also enjoy m+, what have you been running with?

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    I got a 385 Dooms hatred as well as Mythrax HC and a 390 trinket that applies a hot over 13 seconds ticking every 0.4 according to tooltip which actually heals a decent amount when used on CD.

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    I just use my 390 PvP stat trinkets.
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    Since you can no longer change equipment inside a dungeon just go reliable int + stat proc.

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    Vectis trinket is not that bad with decent ilvl. Helps with burst heal on tank or for mana free heal. The first tick of rem or soom consumes a charge.

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