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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardux View Post
    Array goes off of rating, not %. And the only way vers can be your lowest stat is if you are stacking mastery, which is by far our worst stat.
    I know. I just haven't had much luck with gear :|
    Money talks, bullshit walks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Accendor View Post
    I'm never linking profiles, but this is the equipment:
    - Hood of Pestilent Ichor 375
    - Heart of Azeroth 379
    - Seafarer Shoulderpads 370
    - Sporecaller's Shroud 380
    - Cephalohide Jacket 385
    - Wristguards of the Sandswimmer 385
    - Grups of Electrified Defense 385
    - Bloodstorm Buckle 385
    - Leggings of the Galeforce Viper 380
    - Goldfeather Boots 385
    - Seal of the Regal Loa 380
    - Overseer's Lost Seal 375
    - Frenetic Corpuscle 370
    - Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms 355

    Which brings me to:
    492 Crit
    621 Haste
    1015 Versatility (Using one ring enchant only)
    758 Mastery

    As you can see it is not even close.
    Crit is way too low man. You only prioritize stacking vers AFTER you hit certain breakpoints like 2x % crit and 12-14% haste... you got way too much mastery as well probably listing out on a ton of ST dps but your aoe prob sims fine.

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    375 blood bog headcover
    385 HoA
    375 deathsnap shoulderguards
    370 cloak of rippling waters
    375 tunic of the sanguine diety
    380 sea dog's cuffs
    375 gloves of corrupted waters
    370 replicated chitin cord
    355 blight toadskin leggings
    355 mercenary miners boots (vers socket)
    365 thornwoven band (vers chant)
    390 seal of questionable loyalties (vers chant)
    370 frenetic corpuscle
    385 glaive of keepers from mythic pug (vers chant)
    365 bile stained crawg tusk

    371.56 ilvl
    670 crit (20.31%)
    993 haste (14.6%)
    962 vers w/ food (11.32%)
    256 mastery (17.13%)

    Some weeks i'll try to find a +10 to run, most i dont. Thats why i still have sub-360 gear.

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    With the amount of vers gear you need to make a difference, i'd go after your another stat. On my monk I put everything vers on each piece and only went up 5%....While mastery can go up 5% with one piece..

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    Quote Originally Posted by neocount View Post
    I've tried searching on this and I have not seen any posts on it, so here it goes.

    I saw a chart recently, and I don't remember where now, that showed Versatility scaling better than any of the others. This made me wonder if it was worth it to loose a few points of item level to get Versatility up just enough to ensure my reorigination array buff is Versatility. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    That's ALOT of something. You realize your stuck with a neck with no Vers, but will continue to scale and increase that gap.

    I'm stuck with whatever lady RNG decides to leave me with. She aint left me with much since I am heavy on my worst stat, mastery. I have still made do and pulled 50-90 parses while on a 180-200 latency. Having good geared healers that can heal me so I can kill adds in the slime helps causes parses are silly.

    And without the array active (using my 390 M+ head and instead of my 370 Uldir) my stat weight difference between Vers and Haste is generally around .03-.05. difference. Having the luck of scoring 2 revolving blade parts helps haste a lot. Of coarse an excess of a stat will produce diminished returns with stat weights, especially with 10 stacks of array.

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