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    Arms azerite for pushing m+

    Could You help me please!
    Currently i go with TM+EP+LW on Tyranical and 2EP+LW on Forti. Is that good, or should i take Archive of the titans instead of TM or LW, or should i use 2TM +1LW on Tyranical? For Fortified is that good or should i go with TM+LW+SW or with 2LW +1TM? I have done several sims, and thats the best fos single target, but there is not much differece with other azerite traits. I can have 3TM also I realy dont know whats the best,so any advice would be good! Thx in advance!
    My character:raider.io/characters/eu/ragnaros/Kamikazeworm
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    I run LW and SW for M+, and if I'm feeling spicy, EP for tyrannical weeks. Mixing and matching single- and multi-target traits makes you a jack of all trades, master of none. I'd pick a specialization, if I were you.

    Obviously, the ilevel of the azerite armor in question also weighs heavily.

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    I will run with 2 LW and for 3th TM ? On Tyranical my choice is LW+2xTM. Should i use instead of 1TM 1AoT?

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    Depends on comp too. If you know you have high aoe seeps bring ST traits and vice versa. Personally I dont like EP for any m+ since it seems to be used so rarely on trash and on fort weeks ti definitely want aoe.

    I've used 3 stacks of SW b4 snd its incredible dps but it just doesn't feel that great. I like having my burst tied to warbreaker with LW.

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    I see lots of ppl are using archive of titans in m+. Is it worth to use and its better than TM? I see more ppl with 1TM+LW+AOT and with 2xLW+AOT on forti. It wouldnt be better to use TM instead AOT?

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    How abou AA and BB and CC? they are best trait i heard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huanak View Post
    How abou AA and BB and CC? they are best trait i heard
    You are very helpful! Thank you a lot!

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