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    Leveling Professions Faster

    I still see people trying to level professions by farming old world mats when they could easily just use the Draenor leveling system to fast track and bypass all of the grievous farming and costly auction warring. The WoD Garrison is a god-send for that.

    Anyway, any of you have any interesting tips and tricks for faster profession leveling?

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    That all changed in BFA. Every expac for a profession now levels separately 0-100 or 0-150. This means that you can jump in and starting any prof in BFA without the previous expac levels. However if you want to level old stuff you now need the old mats. There is no more skipping using the WOD garrison or legion recipes. Some people also farm old mats for making things that people still buy, like mounts (panther, sky golem, sands of time).
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    Omg...what are you talking about?)))

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    I must say I kinda miss the old catchup mechanic that let us skip old mats. Now if you are completionist and want to have all exp maxed you need old mats

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