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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenGoldSharpie View Post
    I don't think anyone would object to other students changing privately. In fact, it's ruefully been suggested if they (and, usually, "they" means their parents) have such an issue with a trans child.
    I honestly don't understand the point of changing in open locker rooms. Some people prefer privacy, and it's not like it's going to happen when you're an adult outside of some very niche situations, like being in professional sports, being a regular at a gym or YMCA, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomzy View Post
    Why exactly is watching a little boy get changed less pervy than watching a little girl get changed? You're an adult. Unless you are a pedophile who is afraid of being "tempted" this shouldn't be an issue.
    Supposedly he wasn't told to watch until the trans boy was introduced to the situation, so there was no watching at all beforehand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief Bennett View Post
    You're not listening though. He wasn't watching the male students, he never was. He was asked to watch the girl because she wanted to change with the boys, I agree with what you are saying, but that's not what was happening.
    I am listening, I'm reading your words just fine. Don't force him to watch ANYONE get changed, problem solved. Your obsession with the gender is your own issue, and we are calling you out on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necroxis View Post
    I mean you can try to change the subject all you want. Nobody is assuming anything. They're reading your posts.
    You're saying I just want to attack trans people. I don't care about trans people or what they do, just the same as I don't care what a girl or guy does. All the same to me - you don't need to be a white knight my dude. It's sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief Bennett View Post
    Who's alt account is this? Go on, be honest
    I don't live on here so I wouldn't even be able to pick a name you know.

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    Regardless of claims, gender threads are still a forbidden topic because of this reason. No matter the intention, it still just derails into debating the gender.

    Closing this here.

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