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    I stopped playing sometime in Warlords, came back this week for kicks... and the healing basically plays identical.

    Really didn't feel like anything really changed. All in all, kinda miss Cata healing at this point, at least it felt different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demsi View Post
    I will say that i enjoyed Holy during MoP and Legion, i liked spreading around Eternal Flame in order to keep up your mastery, and Legion had a lot of cool artifact traits that had great synergy with some of our talents (such as Beacon of virtue).
    Eternal Flame is one of my favourite iterations of Holy. Glimmer of Light spec is a close second tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salate View Post
    I loved healing as holy in Wotlk.
    Damn I really loved that healing.

    /cries in a corner
    Glyph of Holy Light on Blood Queen doing a pretty LOL amount of healing for a glyph. Oh, and back then a lot of Holy Paladins thought they were good players when they topped healing while Judgement of Light was their top heal.. Ah, fun times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontenac View Post
    I believe Holy paladins should be more like melee Discipline priests. They should be healing directly, but a substantial amount of healing should be done through the damage the paladin inflicts to the enemy. Or even damage done to him. Make that plate armour mean something! And they certainly should gain more mobility. Their mastery is all about range, but they probably are the least mobile healer in the game.

    Maybe they could get Holy power like Ret paladins from their dps abilities, but their Holy power spenders would be heals instead?
    Holy did have HolyPower back in Cata and MoP. It was OK, but the need to get 3 HoPo for big heals made clutch healing harder.

    I agree with the dps/healing idea. Legion was a step in the right direction, but it failed to capture the HotS-Uther playstyle. To me, Holy should be a spec that runs around swinging a hammer for 70% of the time and reads a holy book for the rest.

    The "proximity = %healing" mechanic was alright, but would work better if it measured your proximity to enemies. The closer you are to mobs, the more healing you do. Holy could also have auras the heal nearby targets automatically, and the weakness/challenge of the spec would be healing the range characters while still attacking. This would mostly be done with beacons and some new mechanics. Maybe the healing cone spell could shoot backwards when pressed.

    Maybe Holy Prism could be a placeable object that relays your AoE heals. The could even be a talent row that lets you augment it to follow players, or focus the bonus heals into one player at a time, or damage mobs as well.

    Disc priest is my favorite to level right now. I really want an Uther playstyle, but the mechanics have to allow a melee-centric playstyle.

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    I for one don't appreciate the existing spec centered around spreading holy shock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbold21 View Post
    I for one don't appreciate the existing spec centered around spreading holy shock
    GoL is basically the little downie brother of Atonement.
    It's high noon.
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    The more Holy Paladins differenciate from Holy Priests -in plate..., the more I am happy

    While nothing is perfect I am fine with how Holy is currently designed.
    It will change in the next xpac, but I am all for a offensive healer class fantasy design aka Holy Warrior with heals, with crusader strike, like current.

    I am aware that due to balance issues then the spec won't heal as good as other healers, like current, and I am ready to pay the price : weak raid healing by design (except maybie now with a glimmer build), but still a spot in raids due to his mitigation cds...

    I won't vote in the pool though - thread is a bit old.^^-Cheers

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    They need something more interesting than hard casts and clunky aoe heals.
    I absolutely hate the BEACON mechanic and their mastery. They are ok in dungeons.

    Their mastery should be > increases healing from spells by X% and 2X% of damage done radiates healing to allies in a 15 yard radius.

    If they could make Holy Paladins a little more flexible and fun, I'd make paladin my main class, as I like both Prot and Ret as they are.
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    Even though I think all specs are pretty well off as of right now, I think they could be revised just a bit.
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    No I don't think you should change anything.

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    It would never happen but I always felt Holy should heal mostly passively and be a melee class. Imagine like the old Seal/Judgment of Light where melee heals, and then things like Light of Dawn that are resource spenders for a big single target or AOE heal. Basically the Shamicar in the original RIFT: A melee class with a lot of passive healing and healing resources but not the stand back and cast healing spells type of class.

    However, that doesn't fit into WoW's design style.

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    I hope they majorly rework holy.
    I hate this whole Glimmer idea, and the way it works.
    I stopped playing Holy because Glimmer was just "so much stronger" than traditional or any other style of healing, but its so crappy to have to watch peoples health drop whilst DPSing to get more holy shocks.

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