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    Prot Paladin Streamers

    Are there any?

    Your first thought is probably 'slootbag', but as with everyone else at the top of the game, they FOTM to whatever is best at the moment which is typically warriors or monks.

    Towellie might be your next answer, but personally i'm not into the whole "guys i farted looool" type of stream.

    So, is that it? I've looked a few times and can't find a single one. Mainly looking for m+ btw. Any suggestions?
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    Is this where I shamelessly plug my own stream as a prot pally doing mythic EP and mythic + :P I don't think it's allowed but I stream Tues/Thurs/Fri from 11pm to 2am (EST).

    And additionally dungeons as I do them throughout the week. If you're interested just PM I don't really advertise for viewer count it's mainly for guildy's.
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    https://www.twitch.tv/tierer - Rank 1 Prot Paladin right now and in season 2.
    https://www.twitch.tv/AndreDerNormie - Rank 2 Prot Paldin right now and rank 6 in season 2.

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    Isnt towilee a prot paladin?

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    Thanks prwraith and Xesper for the links. I am starting to learn how to tank and this is much appreciated!

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    I'll shamelessly self promote on this.
    I main a Paladin, main spec Prot, but I play the other two as well.

    I also have a boomkin, fury warrior, holy priest, and undergeared MW Monk, Ass Rogue, and Blood DK.

    I stream 5 nights a week from 8/9PM EST - 4/5AM EST
    Doing M+ 10 carries and pushes every day.

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