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    Class Design is so bad that no matter how great the content, the game would still feel awkward to play

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    Can't wait to go back to the state of the game 14 years ago because it's better than what we have now.

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    Yep. The problem isn't that there is "nothing to do" - technically there is, and with 8.1 coming in a couple of days, there will be even more. But your character plays like crap, since Azerite is lame af, GCD everywhere makes you feel like you're playing with >1k latency, and in most cases your spec plays strictly worse than in Legion. This kind of crappy gameplay is incredibly off-putting for me
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    Class design [in BfA] is the rickety bridge upon which it all lays, but the rest of it are the arthritic elephants with irritable bowel syndrome trying to cross it.

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    WoW has become so mindless that it may as well be a mobile game at this point.

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