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    New Dev Letter

    Looks like they aren't saying they are shutting down and just want to work with the team as is and are "open to making it larger."

    It won't save the game, but it is interesting.

    Greetings Ascended,

    As we mentioned in our previous Team Letter, the gamigo transition has brought up a number of changes in RIFT’s organization. We are still in the process of establishing a variety of new processes and finalizing structural changes to help us streamline things moving forward.

    We hear your concerns regarding the impact this transition is having on the RIFT development team, so we wanted to discuss those with you all.

    As many of you are aware, the RIFT development team has been reduced following the recent acquisition. Unfortunately, some familiar faces no longer work with us. For the time being we’re going to move forward with development using the smaller team, but will be open to expanding the team in the future.

    With that said, we wanted to reaffirm that we're still dedicated to continuing development on RIFT. For instance, we are already hard at work to bring you the Fae Yule content for the end of the year!

    All we ask of you now, is to remain patient as you already have proven to be thus far.

    Once again, we thank you for your incredible support! We couldn’t have asked for a better community of players and we can’t wait to show you what the year 2019 has in store for RIFT!

    The Rift Team

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    Cool, Cool.

    Almost have my Rogue to 70 since I wanted to see the game in fear of it shutting down.

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    As with everything like that when it comes to this game....

    I'll believe it when I see it.

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    this gives me hope for the game with new leadership this game can be good again even if all they did was relaunch and adjust progression properly!

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    Vanilla Rift was really good, but they didnt release enough patches before Storm Legion imo.

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    Anyone who has gotten wise to typical game developer 'narrative massaging' PR can see the signs that this is probably at best 'dont expect an expansion anytime soon' at worst 'soft maintenance until the numbers pick up and warrant spending money/time if ever'. I'll wait and see but my default reaction is a very cynical "h'okay". Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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