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  • I hate catweaving.

    8 11.94%
  • I kinda don't like catweaving.

    9 13.43%
  • Neutral about it.

    15 22.39%
  • I like catweaving.

    21 31.34%
  • I like catweaving a lot.

    14 20.90%
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    Oh I chose "like it alot" but I only do it as resto not guardian. (I dont tank)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypasonic View Post
    (I dont tank)
    Don't worry, nobody tanks as guardian this tier

    on-topic though, catweaving as resto druid is really fun.. can't remember it being all that great in legion for tanks though, most just stayed in bear form iirc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullblod View Post
    Hi Cloud, Fullblod here. Just wanna let you know I kittyweaved on some of our Krosus kills to get some good logs back in the days:

    On Krosus you never took more damage in catform as a guardian druid, however you suffered from a smaller healthpool being in catform.
    My bad, good to see you!

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    For bear it's fine, For resto, you're not allowed to when I cast Innervate on you when I'm boomy... for reasons, maybe related to Lively Spirits, but maybe not...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TriHard View Post
    "Catweaving" sounds dumb af
    No need to copy monks
    It was the de facto way of tanking back to Cata.
    We called it "bearcatting" tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleisbetter View Post
    It was the de facto way of tanking back to Cata.
    We called it "bearcatting" tho.
    Was bearcatting back in Wrath too. A lot of good opportunities for it.

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    catweaving as rdru is maybe the most fun thing to do in this game

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    This thread is kinda confusing. Some people talk about restos catweaving, but it seems OP was talking about guardians doing it? Can we make it a rule that when you start a thread asking "What do you think about x", you also have to explain what x is.

    Is your question about a raid setting with 2 tanks, and the guardian switches to cat when he's not actively tanking? That was a standard thing to do at least back in Wotlk. Certainly you're not talking about catweaving in 5-man content?
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    hate how blizzard keeps putting favour into healers going melee, paladin, monk, druid, we should have the same dps in range rather than forced to be melee to contribute reasonably towards damage

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