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    dont forget about the people who consistently buy high mythic + boosts to increase their io score and then when you get them in your group you wonder why they screw up so blatantly with that high a score, I personally know some players in my guild who do that just because they are very good at farming gold and buy whatever they want while being pretty bad players
    Serious question. Is that really much of an issue? Are people successful in selling (or even try to sell) less attractive dungeons (i.e. SotS, ToS)?

    These buyers might just have 100 points on Atal and FH and that's it.
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    IO is already a joke for the majority of what people use it for. You can just as likely have a +10 on time and be awful as having a +10 30 minutes over and be great when dealing with pugs. IO works decently for people pushing +15 +, but it's a very lacking system for lower keys. It's a bit more accurate for tanks and to a lesser degree healers, but for DPS it's a total joke. I would much rather look at someones warcraft logs for my +10 than their IO score.

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    So let me get this straight?

    Now the Elitists ruining M+ want a way to out elite, other elitists?

    Cool, cool, cool.
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    It's not compulsory to set a minimum ilvl when creating a group.

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