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    See what current rating required for"old gladiator" title, right now?

    "End a PvP season in the top 0.5% of the arena ladder (requires 50 games won in Season X)."

    How can I check what rating glad-cutoff are atm?
    Feels so-so getting the "bad" version of gladiator this season. Would feel better if hitting the requirements for the old one!

    In legion it looked like this:
    (A/H) (EU)
    s1: 2455/2610
    s2: 2610/2740
    s3: 2597/2701
    s4: 2559/2571
    s5: 2712/2689
    s6: 2779/2674
    s7: 2791/2750

    Guess it's over 2800 for horde right now, at least?

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    we don’t know how many players are on the ladder / eligible since they don’t show the entire ladder anymore (only top 5000 which is well above eligibility cutoff) so until they release r1 cutoffs in january we won’t be able to calculate what you’re asking.

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    Look at that rating bloat, lol.
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