<Prestige Guild> 4/8M Uldir. Recruitment is open for BFA, currently seeking a DK, DH, and ranged other exceptional classes may be considered. Raid times are Thur and Mon 7.45 pm SVT - 10.30pm, with a possible third day on Wednesday at the start of every raid tier.

We've been a guild for over 2 Years! Starting from clearing Mythic HFC, and clearing each mythic in Legion (Baring NH only 9/11 and ToS 6/9M)

We're hoping to smash out as much BFA content as possible before raids open. We have a pretty relaxed fun raid environment, Every-time we add new a member into our guild they love how drama free and enjoyable it is to raid with us and it's always a pleasure to hear that.

Most people, gear's not a huge issue, we can gear good players, it's attitudes that we recruit around, arrogant selfish players tend to not last a while, we want to provide a guild that's fun to log into and be around, and not just playing WoW, MANY of us hang out playing Rocket League, PUBG, POE, Overwatch etc

If you want to raid and just enjoy playing WoW, Send me (Noms#11779) or
Phlyness#1752 a Battle.net add, Jump on discord, you'll see if we're a good fit to push mythic raiding with