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    Arrow Night Elves were not the true victims of the Burning of Teldrassil. The Goblins were.

    Saurfang waited until they had properly digested that news. “The World Tree has strategic
    value, and so the Horde will keep it. The city of Darnassus is filled with a tremendous amount of
    priceless treasure. Most of it does not have strategic value, and so the Horde will not need to keep it.
    Those who take risks in the Horde’s name will be rewarded, I can assure you.”
    - A Good War
    The taking of Darnassus was going to make the fortune of every Goblin in Orgrimmar. This was fact.

    No more languishing in the "Goblin Slums" where Garrosh condemned them to percolate and rot. This new offensive was going to reap a windfall far beyond every Goblin's wildest dreams. Mad fantasies of scampering to and fro between the World Tree's boughs, fistfulls of loot and treasures untold... these thoughts kept many a goblin warm on the long trek across Kalimdor.

    This was it. This was their moment. Scorned and sneered by Orc and Elf and Tauren alike, this was when being cannon fodder for the Horde paid off.


    And we're not just speaking of whatever treasures you could grab in the initial incursion while the larger warriors drank and sang and other pointless macho celebrations; no, it was the weeks and months after the Horde planted their flag that the real bounty would come. Yes, the steady stream of income that comes with holding a disarmed and despairing populace hostage!

    The simpering Kaldorei would be fed and kept safe... but not too safe, if you catch my drift. "Favorites" would be shown the barest of mercies, while others would soon know their place in this occupation. And they would bargain for their safety and the briefest moments of peace. Once the towns and houses are ransacked, months of harsh occupation will soon have the Elves climbing over each other to offer up the secret locations of their savings, just to purchase themselves a sparing of the rod, or the deliverance and safe passage of the little ones. Oh, the opportunities for people smuggling!

    Can you not picture the lucrative haggling; Smuggling in the necessities of life to feed these Night Elves a glimmer of hope and restore that faintest of glow to their eyes, now dimmed by their acceptance of their new role in Horde society. And the more you cut costs to their living conditions, the sooner they will offer up desperate payment for even the smallest of tokens to make their lives bearable. An unsullied flower... an unburnt doll... a memento... a simple fetch quest beyond the guarded walls of the occupied city could yield a small fortune in hidden life savings or ancient invaluable relics to be sold for piles and piles of gold!

    And even more lucrative would be the promising of deliverance of the young and helpless out of harm's way, in exchange for whatever hidden trinkets and heirlooms these Night Elves still feverishly clung to. And after being paid in advance, you could decide wether the sweet cargo was worth being shipped to the arms of waiting relatives in neighboring safe zones who would pay the desperate ransom, or you could just pawn them off halfway as slave labor and keep the downpayment!

    Income streams will flow like an endless waterfall! The golden age for Goblins was here. The Horde investment was finally paying off BIGTIME!

    ... but that didn't happen, did it?

    Instead, the inferno.

    Tears fell like starfall as horrified eyes gazed upon the fiery ruin of the World Tree. But it was not Night Elven tears that erupted in that red tumult. No, these were the tears of the children of Kezan. Timelines were severed that day as futures of financial stability were torn from the hearts and minds of every Goblin soldier in that great offensive. No price can be placed on the lives lost, but the price of dreams denied climbs so high that it pierces the very cloudcover of Azeroth. This horrifyingly costly venture had all been for nothing. Worse than nothing; for dreams of bountiful riches were had, only to be cruelly ripped away. A net loss.

    The only answer is vengeance.

    Many World of Warcraft players shook their heads in pained exasperation upon seeing the upcoming Darkshore scenario play out, with Tyrande becoming the feared and unstoppable "Night Warrior"... who spared lives, restrained her wrath, and couldn't even take down an undead human with a bow. Was this the vaunted vessel of Elune, her body barely keeping at bay such godly powers that it erupted and killed previous hosts? Was this Elune's power unleashed?

    No. It was not. For in truth Tyrande holds barely a 10th of the supernova that is the raging moonfire of Elune's wrath. All that raw power instead went to another host: one who's heart and soul truly cried out in grief and loss and inconsolable fury that fateful night when the World Tree burned; a madness that would eclipse BOTH moons of Azeroth. And it was a goblin. And that Goblin is now vengeance unbound.

    She is The Night Auditor.

    And Sylvanas will pay. Oh yes. Even now judgement is bearing down on the Forsaken Queen as the distance between them narrows, and the coming of The Night Auditor nears. And mark my words, when the gates of Orgrimmar are splintered and the Dark Lady's defenses crumble to dust before the true daughter of Elune's rage, no force in the world will protect her from this goblin delivering the final blow: a formal writ of compensation owing.

    She may wail and shriek as banshees so often do, but this document is binding and the liability shield is airtight; Sylvanas will pay full compensation to all the peoples of Kezan for lost revenue and future potential earnings, up to and including having her wages garnished for the foreseeable future. And when we speak of the Undead, the foreseeable future is a long time indeed.

    Expect to see Sylvanas waiting tables as the Horde is placed into receivership. And while she works to pay off her debts (Forsaken don't sleep, so a 24hr cycle of rotating shifts between part time jobs serving food and cleaning benchtops is not unreasonable), the Horde can be placed under administration and led by a certain someone who can restructure the Horde's assets into a less cost-intensive, more financially-stable enterprise that will ensure all Goblins citizens receive reparations for the historical tragedy that was the burning of Darnassus; a dark stain on Kalimdor history that will be felt by Goblins for hundreds of years.

    Sorry if this spoils upcoming story for you. It just makes sense.

    Gallywix for Tradechief!

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    Seeing night elves getting torched was the real treasure.

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    The reduction in total elves was priceless.

    Tradechief Gallywix soon. Who needs to conquer the Alliance when you can buy out their land and force them to pay you rent in the wage cages forever?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thottstation View Post
    No more languishing in the "Goblin Slums" where Garrosh condemned them to percolate and rot.
    Does that mean Goblins are a kind of coffee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    Does that mean Goblins are a kind of coffee?
    Yeah, Azerothian Kopi luwak to be precise, hellishly expensive and as part of the process they’re eaten, then defecated by wild animals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    The reduction in total elves was priceless.

    Tradechief Gallywix soon. Who needs to conquer the Alliance when you can buy out their land and force them to pay you rent in the wage cages forever?
    Capitalist Horde shall reign supreme!

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    Finally a post that makes sense! Goblins are always getting the shaft. Gallywix is what the Horde needs not some ghost elf that doesn't care about the people. Gallywix cares tho and after he buys stormwind and jacks up all there rent the Alliance wont have the gold to go to war.

    So when you think about the next Warchief who do you want? A zombie that cares only for her self, or a true patriot like Gallywix that will lead us into a time of endless peace. You know for a price.

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    Only victims are players and villain bad storyteller.

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    Hm. I see this different now than I saw it back when then when it happened.
    As long as they continue to add content for nightelves now, like they did with 8.1, I am actually fine with this. The starting zones are still there thanks for they funny technologies soooo night elf starting experience with the awesome music and being in the trees and with this freaking great atmosphere is still there.
    It is still the best race in warcraft. And they added more content to the night elves now than they added for every other race except humans and orcs.

    On topic: I feel very sad for the golblins.
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    Well, this ticks the box why goblins would now oppose sylvanas, the other races it's from losing their honor.

    I'm fine with this.

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    Gallywix needs to become Trade King already.

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    For sure. They could have even carved a giant picture of Sylvanas's face on the front of the tree with one of the limbs turned into a big thumbs up facing Orgrimmar. It would have been beautiful. -my goblin

    Yeah, no. *douses tree with gasoline myself to prevent that from happening* -my night elf.
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    Gallywix for Warchief!!!!
    Zandalari music for BfA. Pure GOLD!

    Tortollan or Clash of Clans will kill WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thottstation View Post
    Night Elves were not the true victims of the Burning of Teldrassil. The Goblins were.
    A missed opportunity at exploitation is not the same as being a victim.

    /end high-horse

    Well done OP. It would be immensely entertaining if Blizzard ran with this as a side story... to show Goblin discontent with the direction the Horde is going.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    No fucking way. The worst idea since democracy.

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    Yup, Saurfang robbed the Goblins of their prize. The shame of that orc.

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    This is the only bad thing that Sylvanas has done. I think she would be a better Warchief if she would appoint Gallywix as his advisor and husband.
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    The new horde #487-h will come to pass! I have seen it! It has shown me! Mountains of cash and rivers of gold!
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    Except it would ALL go to Gallywix.

    He's the true victim of this whole war.

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    Is Gallywix going to come up with funny nicknames against his competitors?

    Insidious Windrunner
    Twink'themar Theron

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