<Whisky Business> [Silvermoon Alliance]

5/8 Mythic currently recruiting for further progression into mythic content this tier and preparation for next tier. Raid days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST.

We are currently recruiting all classes, but are prioritising Shaman DPS with resto off spec.

We are interested in a high level of progression and therefore require the following from interested parties.

High attendance from all members but we understand real life happens

Have an in depth knowledge of your class and be prepared to play an off spec, we would also appreciate if you had a raid ready alt which can assist us during progression.

Be active, we encourage participation in mythic plus and other activities that can progress your character, we discourage raid logging.

A general understanding of raiding mechanics and a willingness to research
fights before raid night.

Outside of raids we are an active and social group, we participate in mythic plus regularly, some of us do pvp, timewalking events and generally play with each other in all aspects of the game.

If interested feel free to contact the below for more information -

Snakeboot#2368 - Guild Master

Grozzly#2396 - Officer

Enigma#2256 - Officer

Missionings#2780 - Officer