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    Activision takes over blizzard and becomes new warchief
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    Who made Sylvanas warchief????? Totally not N'zoth

    Faction conflict explodes in 8.2. We nearly wipe each other out but then Azshara raises Nazjatar.

    She Summons the Wrath of Nzoth to destroy the world

    Its revealed that Sylvanas gathered azerite for this very event, to load into the goblin canon. Its fired upon the wrath. It dies, we attack Nazjatar

    Sylvanas is redeemed for stopping a world consuming evil

    Azshara cannot be killed by normal means. In her raid she yells "Enough!" And stuns us, but then comes Sylvanas with the Xalatath and kills her

    Azsharas soul is trapped. Xalatath is disgusted that she must share space with her. Now two whispering dumbasses haunt the blade

    The Cult of Ragnaros revives Ragnaros. He is infused with Nzoths power and beats the shit out of the other elemental lords

    All the elemental lords are morphed into one, creating the first Twilight elemental.

    Ragnaros takes his elemental army and assaults N'zoths prison in the 8.3 Raid. We Defeat ragnaros by unleashing the energies of the black blade

    But its too late. Nzoth is free! Nzoth is literally so huge he becomes the new Island for the 8.4 raid and content

    8.4 has two new dungeons where we must assault Ahnqiraj and Ulduar as the twilights try to free the other old gods but fail

    8.4 Raid is inside Nzoth. The last boss is his heart. Since we decide we cant kill him else we get the Sha again, the death lords plan ahead

    The Lich king, Bwonsamdi, Helya and Eyir Infuse all of their powers into Sylvanas. She Banishes Nzoth to the shadow lands, and goes with it.

    Sylvanas becomes Nzoths Jailor. Nathanos becomes the leader of the forsaken.

    Next Expansion we find out Kel'thuzad killed Bolvar since he was too weak to defend himself after giving his powers to Sylvanas.

    This Starts... THE KING AWAKENS. Featuring a revamped Northrend. When Azshara raised land masses, she also added to Northrend
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    It would be really freaking cool if Sylvanas is not crazy at all and actually burned Teldrassil in order to impress N'Zoth and forge an alliance with him, then betrays him and saves the day. Maybe she is emulating Azshara's ruthlessness since that impressed him before. Either way, with all the twists that modern TV shows have, you would think some big reveal is coming.
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