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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeezo View Post
    That's not what happened with Warlords, though.

    A great many announced plans were just abandoned for no obvious reason, other than they couldn't be fucked. The fact that it only got two raiding tiers after taking forever past Orgrimmar to arrive, and forever to arrive at Legion, just made everything even worse.

    So long as BfA doesn't do that, it cannot drop below Warlords.
    I quit full time raiding in WoD, so lack of raid tiers, though there was 3 different raids, doesn't make or break WoD for me. Whether raiding or not, it's about stuff to do, WoD gave me stuff to do, and the Garrisons specifically where not a let down, but a surprise enjoyment. Again, I don't care what is "promised" during the pre-lease hype phase. I only judge what is delivered. I don't care that 10 raid tiers and magic pony rides are promised and got cut.

    I'm not saying WoD was awesome, I just don't view it as terrible, I don't view any of the Xpacs as terrible. They all had their pros and cons and I liked some more than others. I still think it is too early to declare BFA worst ever, though it's possible that they add more stuff and most of it is just blah like IEs and Warfronts. Raids alone won't make or break BFA, because WoD had great raids.

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    After 8.1. BFA is much worse than Wod
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    This may be the first expansion I skip all together. Maybe when it's on sale near the end of the expansion so I can start the next one on release day.

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    I actually had fun in wod
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    Hands down BfA is worse, mainly for one very important thing. The class feel.

    Yes BfA has better designed content, nicer zones, better quests system, Mythic + dungeons, etc...are better in BfA.

    But the BfA classes feel gutted, generic, hollow, and zero fun to play. At least in WoD my character was still a bad ass and FUN to play.

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    There is not even a comparison between them... WOD is miles away from this major patch of legion called BFA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathranis View Post
    Anyone voting for BFA either has memory loss or is just unable or unwilling to be objective.

    WoD 6.1 had Garrison updates, BE model update, and twitter integration.
    WoD 6.2 had Tanaan, HFC, and the Shipyard.

    That was literally all of the meaningful new content WoD had to offer from November 13, 2014 to July 19, 2016.

    Next week, BFA will have already had more content in its first four months than WoD had in nearly two years.

    Get real, people.
    And yet, it's still garbage.

    WoD had the benefit of coasting on whatever they didn't manage to dismantle from MoP. BfA is the victim of now 3 consecutive xpacs of bad class design. So even though the content is being produced, it isn't enjoyable. Also azerite = aids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izalla View Post
    Not to mention the sheer amount of content that was scrapped or watered down before WoD even launched.
    I still think it's quite odd what happened to WoD? Why did Blizzard cut so much stuff? WoD looked like half an expansion rather than a finished product.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mazinger-Z View Post
    Class design [in BfA] is the rickety bridge upon which it all lays, but the rest of it are the arthritic elephants with irritable bowel syndrome trying to cross it.

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    I enjoyed Tanaan. I enjoy nothing in BFA

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    BfA purely for Azerite. It's fucking dreadful to design classes around these items when they don't change gameplay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    I still think it's quite odd what happened to WoD? Why did Blizzard cut so much stuff? WoD looked like half an expansion rather than a finished product.
    They said they greatly miscalculated how long it would take to get all their new employees trained and integrated into their workplace, which slowed them way down when they swore they would be faster with all the new hires. I don't know if that was the case or not, obviously, but there was clearly a point where they decided to put their eggs in the Legion basket and abandoned WoD.
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    I had great fun in Wod, was one of the last in my guild to stop playing. Never bought Bfa, no interest in a Wow without PvP gear and servers.

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    WoD was an unfinished product which is unacceptable.

    However, the new content/systems which BFA has brought to the game are ridiculous + they have destryed many specs. Classes were playing fine in MoP and WoD so why did they have to change them so much.

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    I've unsubscribed from BFA in November, WOD had me longer. I feel something is missing in BFA and the class design is awful. Everything gutted.

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    WOD almost killed the game,BfA is still fun and fresh.You could compare BfA to Cata or even MOP but its far from WOD travesty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    I quit full time raiding in WoD, so lack of raid tiers, though there was 3 different raids, doesn't make or break WoD for me.
    Ach, this conversation is over.

    If every time I correct your error you're just going to change the goalposts, I honestly can't be arsed.

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