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    Since Bli$$ard teams are disgustingly lazy on fixing this spec I will do it with just a few but useful tweaks:

    - Ghost Wolf: non dispelleable and being usable while stunned (to be used/combined with the wolf talents)

    - Thunderstorm: cooldown down from 45 to 30 seconds by default. We have no sprint, no teleport, no nothing. At least we need to repel enemies more often.

    - Lightning Bolt: cast time down from 2s to 1'5s. This is (or was suposed to be..) our main spell. So since we can't insta cast it or use it while moving, we need a slight cast time reduction to being able to spam it more often and by helping malestrom generation with this at the same time (Moonkin's Solar Wrath has 1'5 cast time seconds actually). Lava Burst is still our most strong casted spell so its cast time should remain the same yet. Same for Lightning Chain, 2s is actually okay.

    - Flame Shock: Remove its CD again. If you don't want it to be spammed to get super lava surge procs, just make that the effect only applies to the last one casted.

    - Astral Shift: being usable while stunned (really Bli$$ard???? a defensive skill non usable while stunned??? REALLY?????????????)

    - Earthen Rage: Passive maelstrom generation (2 points) each time a rock hits the enemy

    - Earthbinding Totem: It should have 2 charges (30 seconds cooldown each one). The first charge should cast Earthgrab Totem, while the second one should cast Earthbinding Totem.

    - Tremor Totem: I miss its Burning Crusade version. However if you don't like it you should allow it to be used while feared (totally useless right now for the own player against instafear, which are most of the game).

    - Reincarnation: The shaman shall revive with at least half of the health bar full (This shouldn't apply to restoration shamans because that would be too OP since they can refill their health bar in a second and killing a healer in World of Senseless is almost imposible).

    These tweaks fix mobility, survability, maelstrom generation issue and slighly also the damage of this class.
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    All your tweaks suck.

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    Elemental is fine in pvp and will be very good in 8.1. No need for further buffs.

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    You seem to have unresolved anger issues regarding WoW. Have you considered quitting and playing something more enjoyable?
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