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    I think what they could do is an optional progression system per character. Say they do release TBC and WotLK servers. Once you decide you've done everything you wanted on Classic then you could go to an NPC at the Dark Portal, etc and talk to them. That character is then rolled onto the next expansion server. That way for those who want the progression can progress, but those who want to stay on Vanilla can.

    Or those who want to level from 1-70 or 1-80 on that type of server can. Just an idea I'm throwing out their.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    I'm not mad. If they made separate legacy servers that'd be okay. I wouldn't play it if it was presented in a progressive way, that's all.
    I'm the same except I would want it to stop at BC. I'm not sure how they will be able to cater to people that want different things. Its probably not something than needs to be worried about until we see how classic fares, but I'm pretty sure they won't leave people that want to stick with classic being forced into BC and so forth.

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    I'd rather have some kind of seasons and thats it.

    I loved WotLK, was my favorite expansion (as expansions go)and that's because i started from day one of it. But i also have to ask you people who want WotLK. What when ToC and IC updates come? Instantly making 80% of the content useless. I call "you think you do, but you don't" on this. A problem that never happened on Vanilla and TBC to an extend.

    At best whatever they do, they better have realms for vanilla only, which would still split the community to an extend.

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    The most likely scenario is that they'll keep it at Classic and not push into further expansions.

    And to close Classic once people have truly gotten bored of it (eg. 2-4 years down the line if not before)
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    After Nax I hope they do somthing like karazhan crypt, it drop low MC level of gear, but it all crazy itimsation for underused build, like necklaces of the holy star + 35 Holy power for shockadins, ring of nature might (shaman and druid only) +20 defence, dare to refuse warrior as the only tank....

    So we all can embrace our favorite build but the gear is not that powerfull that it break the end game...

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    This will depend entirely on the number of players Classic gets. I don't think even Blizzard knows at this point. The most likely scenario is moving to TBC at some point, but even that has some risks as it may fragment the classic community too much.
    And getting completely new content developed for Classic is a nice dream, but the most unlikely scenario.
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    I might know someone on the inside...

    Life after Classic
    Activision is looking for ways to maximize profits with minimal investment.
    They see Classic and the old expansions as an untapped gold mine.
    They have a ton of old art, zone, dungeon, and raid content that is sitting idle.
    They want to make a profit off of it.
    So they need to repackage it, and sell it to players again (or at least get them to pay for a monthly sub to access it).
    Similar to how every Rock/Pop Band sells repackaged versions of their greatest hits over and over again.

    True to form, the Blizzard/WoW team wants to put a spin on this.
    Classic will remain the 1-60 Vanilla experience with standard MC,BWL,AQ,NAXX raid progression.

    What is coming next is game changing.

    BC will be released, but without additional character levels.
    No 60-70 leveling. Characters will stay at level 60 forever.
    Instead, BC will have a currency and ITEM levels unique to that expansion.

    This will be true for all expansions.
    No additional character levels. Everyone stays at 60 forever.
    A unique currency and item level path for each expansion.
    Oh, and Blizzard is going to release all of the expansions at the SAME TIME!!!

    So a fresh 60, could jump right into Mists of Pandera, skipping BC, WotLK, and Cata, and begin working on that currency and item level path.
    If that player wanted to switch to WotLK content, they start working on that content increasing in the currency and item levels specific to that XPAC.
    The expansions are no longer dependent on the previous expansion.
    You no longer have to slog through BC, Wrath, and Cata to access Mists.

    You will need to level any new characters from 1 to 60 in Classic, but after that you are free to start working on any expansion content you want.
    This lets people play the expansion they like best, without having to play the expansions they don't like.
    It allows people to "level" without leveling.
    It makes all expansions relevant or irrelevant depending on the player choices to do.
    You could join a Wrath raiding guild, but still play Legion with that same Character.
    Your Wrath specific currency and item levels will not advance while playing the Legion expansion.

    They are still figuring out the technical details of the Cataclysm zone changes.
    But it involves phasing, and one of the reasons they are using the new client.
    It's also why phasing was tested during the Blizzcon Demo.

    You heard it here first folks.
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    You yourself OP will never get that far, probably barely halfway so why do you care?

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    Just release a new fresh classic realm every 2/3 years so I can play WoW until I die of old age in my retirement home.

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    its called a progression server.

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    Is mulletman trolling? How could you work on BC content without Mass Dispel, or other raid bosses with a million other abilities?
    Reminders of what vanilla was like:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molis View Post
    Nothing happens Post Naxx
    It's called the burning crusade.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also #nochange! Did I do that right?
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    Cross that road when we get there

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    So no changes for vanilla but then changes to later expansions to appease vanilla players? How about no.

    Once naxx is out, TBC should be next. Then Wrath. I’d say stop it there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterland View Post

    I'm pretty confident we will see:

    The way Diablo 3 seasons work is something we are going to have. I don't think we will know about the plans until 2020 tho.
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    There are only 2 possibilities that I would be happy with.

    1. Perfectly recreate Vanilla and leave it that way forever.

    2. Add new content to vanilla, keeping with the spirit of vanilla.

    Anything else and I'm out. Knowing Blizzard/Activision these days, I expect a shit show of epic proportions.

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    No need to do anything. Just start a new character if you feel bored.

    This is the entire point of these servers, to NOT have any progression. Just vanilla, forever vanilla.
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    They will probably move through the expansions which will definitely take a few years. I don't know what will happen when they reach Cata.

    They may or may not use transfers when moving through new expansions. One option would be to copy a server with a version in Classic and another that has BC unlocked. They could also periodically release fresh servers to keep a cycle of older content available.

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    I'd agree with people saying TBC will likely come at some point, so, just wait around until such point I guess. Get a twink :P

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