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    Lively Spirit Macro

    Hey! i see different druids have a macro whispering that you have been used int on and please spam spells blabla, can any1 share the macro?

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    Something like this should do the trick:

    /run SendChatMessage("Innervate on you!", "WHISPER", nil, GetUnitName("PLAYERTARGET",true))
    /cast Innervate

    Did someone try out this WA? As mine doesnt whisper to the healer i am putting Innervate on (just says "you dont speak that language"): https://wago.io/Sk6mx6VC7

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    Yeah Im running that WA atm and it works like a charm for me, thou I had to import the WA-code 3-4 times, as the first few tries it didnt work.

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    The WA doesnt work at all for me, no part, dont know why -.-

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