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    Maelstorm Or Maeldrizzel?

    Copied from EU forums: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wo...ldrizzle/12367

    "I just am not enjoying this resource at all because its rarely ever used! On my Warlock my shards are always being used, DK runes always being used, Hunter…ect

    As an ele, I do WQ and outside of a double CL+Stortmkeeper i NEVER accumulate enough Maelstorm to use Earthquake or even Earth Shock.

    In BG’s/Raids again the resource feels like a drag on me … as in something that slows my combat and POWER down. Unlike all other specs where the resource feels like the source of my power.

    Maelstorm feels more like a Maeldrizzel."


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    No, because it’s “Maelstrom” not “Maelstorm”. Other than that, it really does feel awful for both levelling and WQs.

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    I dunno about you guys but when I'm doing over a million earthquake damage on mythic zekvoz and topping meters I feel my Maelstrom is being put to good use.

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    It's maelstrom, not maelstorm.
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    Maelstorm.... Christ, it's like Enchancement all over again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constraint View Post
    No, because it’s “Maelstrom” not “Maelstorm”. Other than that, it really does feel awful for both levelling and WQs.
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