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    Vulpine Familiar future store mount.

    It appears a future store mount was leaked today. I personally hate the WoW store and refuse to buy anything from it but the mount does look nice.

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    Might have to treat myself this Christmas because that is one gorgeous mount.

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    That mounts screams the name of my wife, i hope that they release it before xmas so i have a free gift to give to her xD
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    holy shit...

    if that's real I might just have to get it. looks adorable
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    I guess im in the minority that doesn't like cutesy, foxes or this whole design, but i will say that blizzard is already seeing dem $$$$ from that mount sales.

    Probably whole vulpera, panda, female worgen community will buy that one.

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    That mounts screams the name of my wife
    Does she at least let you watch?

    I think the mount looks okay but I hate the blue color scheme. I'd never buy it since it's not the type of mount I'd use, though my girlfriend would like it. But I already spent 650 dollars on a new puppy for her early christmas present, so she's not getting a cartoon pixel fox anytime soon.

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    New flying fox store mount

    Was accidently uploaded and then taken down off the wow Korea Youtube page.
    Not sure if it will come to US, but possible.
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    that's secxy

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    i wanna get that mount. it should be added to all regions to buy.

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    Ohhh I need that

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    I am crying.
    I want it, i need it, i will have it

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    as much as i want this, i can see the community reaction to this coming from a mile away

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    I need that in my life *^*

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    I was expecting another bat when I read "flying fox" this is way better.

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    Looks stupid. They're just trying to cater to furries now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiterate View Post
    Looks stupid. They're just trying to cater to furries now.
    So.. liking animals and animal mounts is a furry thing now? Cool, good to know. I hope you don't have pets, you could be labelled as a furry for having them. Atleast if we follow that logic.

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    Disappointing. I was expecting one of those MEGA cringy videos with narration. But maybe they will save that extra dose of cringe for the western audience.

    As for the mount, yeah it looks polished. Except for the cheap looking wings. I think they should give the paws/hooves a spell effect and just let it run in the sky.

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    You just know that this will be added as a store mount and there's a portion of the playerbase that will throw their money at their monitors just to get it, and by doing so they're sending Blizzard a message that it's okay to fuck us over repeatedly because there are always idiots that will support that behavior and encourage their mistakes.

    "No, don't fix the game, that's too hard! Just give us a pretty store mount and we'll buy it."
    — someone that'll buy this mount, probably

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    Kinda sad how the store keeps getting the best mounts, and the subscription just keeps getting reskins.

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