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    Farming advice: Group pulling

    Just a quick one to ask how other WW's pull a group of mobs while farming/questing?

    I used to use RJW and absolutely loved the 8.0 version of the spell but now is been killed off I'm kinda at a loss.

    Seeing our Lightning doesn't have any instant damage and we need at least one chi to start up a Spinning Crane it feels really awkward for me.

    Can anyone give me some pointers/advice?


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    Well, I usually round up all enemies and then I do a mix of Fist of the White Tiger -> Spinning Crane Kick/FoF/WDP. If enemies are a bit stronger throw in "Storm Earth and Fire". Just try to stun at a good moment and burst them down.

    Ah, and the warmode talent "Turbo fists" comes in very handy for group pulls: Turbo Fists causes Fists of Fury Icon Fists of Fury to deal full damage to all targets hit and reduce their movement speed by 90%. It additionally grants you 100% Parry chance during the channel.

    You will rarely have downtime due to healing orbs and overall low cooldowns.
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    As WW, I usually do a mix of body pulls and pulls with Lightning (tab through further away mobs, lightning them for 1 split second (just to aggro them), then the next one, and so on), wait 1-2 sec until they're all where you are and then start AoEing with FoF/SCK/WDP.
    Turbo Fists is now mandatory, yes.

    Alternatively, switch to BrM and enjoy those black ox statue mass pulls.

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